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MAURY THOMPSON Special for The Post-Star

From The Post-Star in 1947:

“Teen counselor” Barbara McClure was the host of the “All Girls Club” show on WWSC Radio (which celebrated its 75th anniversary on air this month).

McClure was the ceremonial director for the Merkel & Gelman Spring Fashion Show at 10:15 am on March 1, 1947, at the Paramount Theater, which aired on WWSC.

It was an event where sound was as important as appearance in conveying the quality and trend of the latest fashions.

On February 17 and 18, the longtime Glen Street retailer advertised in The Post-Star for musicians, comedians and teen models to join the show.

“An hour of fun filled with facts, music, stories, comedies and your Barbara McClure to bring you the Merkel & Gelman spring fashion show,” advertised the retailer. “Check out the super solid fashions and accessories worn by the girls of choice from Glens Falls and nearby high schools.”

People also read …

Center: The post-WWII economy and the removal of wartime restrictions led to the return of a downtown Glens Falls tradition.

Dollar Savings Days were held in downtown Glens Falls from February 14-15 for the first time in five years. The annual promotion had been stopped in 1942 due to the war conditions.

Dollar deals around downtown included three one-dollar 45s, with a choice of 500 titles, from Niagara Electric Equipment Co. on Ridge Street, four pairs of cotton socks for a dollar at WT Grant’s, slippers for a dollar a pair at Van the Shoe Man and eight men’s handkerchiefs for a dollar at the Northern Department Store on the corner of Warren and Church Street.

Significant discounts were offered on the more expensive items.

Free parking was made available in four lots in downtown Glens Falls. – February 13-14

Center: The army combat films “Fight for the Sky” and “Action at Anguar” were reportedly screened on February 22 in the dining room of the Rockwell Hotel. – February 13th

Music: Pianist Giovannina de Blasiis was to present the first public performance of the new composition “Sonata No. 2” in three movements by composer Halsey Stevens the following evening in a recital at the home of Maurice and Mary Hoopes on Warren Street, one of the houses it now makes part of the campus of The Hyde Collection art museum.

Halsey, a professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, and de Blasiis had studied the previous summer at a lecture at Middlebury College in Vermont. – February 12

At Cinema: “My Darling Clementine” with Henry Fonda closed at the Empire Theater in South Street on February 17th.

Queensbury: About 180 people attended the Cosmopolitan Club Valentine’s Ball at the Queensbury Hotel.

“The decorations were hearts and kewpie dolls, and Bernie Collins’ orchestra was playing.”

Sports curiosities: The Granville High School basketball team defeated Glens Falls 46-43 in Granville.

“The towering Andy Senchik was the key man in the attack on Granville.” – February 15

Glens Falls High: Paul Linehan, an elder, was elected president of the Glens Falls High School Student Council. – February 19

Editorial: “Readers of this paper, we are sure, welcome the news that the Crandall Trust has appealed to the city to take responsibility for cleaning up Crandall Park and maintaining it in a state of respect. … The trend is to remember Crandall Park in its glory days, when it featured a sumptuous display of beautiful flower beds, trimmed lawns and manicured shrubs, and a spear ran down its chain of ponds. That picture and a view of the cost of bringing it back and maintaining it are likely to make a tax-conscious public official shiver. They do not need. No one, as far as we know, requires such a thorough overhaul and restoration ”. – February 21

Quotable: “Oh, no doubt about it. It is a day to celebrate when a child who has been seven years old wakes up like eight! ” – Edgar A. Guest, “Just Folks” column, February 13th.

Maury Thompson was a Post-Star journalist for 21 years before retiring in 2017. He is now a freelance history writer and documentary producer who regularly researches the region’s historical newspapers.


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