The Failures of Joe Biden – Bill’s Message of the Day

A year ago, when Joe Biden was about to assume the presidency, 49 percent of Americans called themselves Democrats. This according to the Gallup organization.

Today, 42 percent of policemen are Democrats. While self-appointed Republicans increased from 40 to 47 percent. So, all of you math graduates, this is an amazing swing in 12 months.

The reason is twofold. President Biden is a public policy disaster and the progressive leadership in the states is literally killing people.

If you read my column on this site, you will see all the failures that Mr. Biden has embraced. I hope you print the column.

Some Americans are stupid, but most aren’t. There are no two sides to this scary story; Joe Biden is hurting us all.

Tonight, on No Spin News, we will analyze how the mischievous and progressive agenda is destroying American culture. Hope to see you start at six Eastern.

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