The end is here for Carolina Panthers’ Cam Newton

Cam Newton, the caliber of MVP, isn’t walking through that door.
Image: Getty Images

There comes a time in every football player’s career when they face the harsh reality that their career is rapidly wearing out. The Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton appear to be at this point, and it’s also time for us, as an NFL viewing audience, to admit the same.

When Newton was released by the New England Patriots days before the season started, many people thought it was a mistake, regardless of the reason. Bill Belichick went with Mac Jones on Newton and now he looks like a genius for that reason.

Cam wasted time with New England last season due to COVID. When he returned, he was no longer the same. His lackluster performance is now carried over into this year (once he was picked up mid-season) in Carolina.

Newton didn’t start that first game in week 10, which was a win over the Cardinals. The cam was 3 from 4 passing for 8 yards, with a passing TD and an impetuous TD. The following week Newton gave us another look at the old Cam going 21-by-27 for 189 yards and two TDs in the air, along with another TD on the run. Since then, in the last three games, Newton has only pitched one TD and four INTs. During week 12, Newton was 5 up-21 against the Dolphins with two INTs. That nostalgic feeling we all had when Cam first signed with the Panthers is now gone. It’s time we all come to the conclusion that Cam can give you some jerky star-QB play at this point, but that’s about it.

The expectation for Newton it must change as it should while in New England. A lot of people shot for Newton on the pitch once he got back, but after a five-game champion, I think we can see that the end is very near. I’m not saying Cam can’t be a backup somewhere, but it has to be the right situation. I think 2015’s MVP would be a great backup and may even have specific packages it comes in for a couple of plays here and there. Whether it’s some kind of wildcat training or a run-pass options package, I think something like this might work. And I don’t think it would have a big problem being used that way.

But the days when Newton went over 225 yards per game and put the offense behind him long gone. This conversation will likely be made once the Carolina season is over. If Newton returns to play another season, I feel he will be on another team. The Panthers are trying to build something and are looking to the future. I just don’t see Cam Newton being part of Carolina’s future on the pitch after this season.


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