The Culture Behind the Luxury Watch Market with Watch Trading Co. 

Over the past two years, the pandemic has shown that, despite the downturn in the economy, for those with money, there is no shortage of expenses. As many headlines revealed that the rich only got richer during the pandemic, the upper class has since found new ways to spend their money on hot commodities including private planes and sailing ships, second homes and investments. like Bitcoin and other trending cryptocurrencies. But one sector of the economy that straddles the line between an investment and an accessory is the luxury watch industry.

Now recognized as a culture in and of itself, the luxury watch market has spawned global trends, causing huge demands for branded watches, the most popular being Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Audemars Piguet. While something as simple and small as a watch may seem unassuming, these subtle accessories speak for themselves, as they have evolved into these coveted cultural status symbols that have the ability to distinguish a person.

And on top of that, the trends have revealed that the shopper demographic is not only hugely diverse, but continues to expand further as the age range that used to be 30-50 is now 20-60. Worn by wealthy individuals, entertainers, finance professionals, athletes and even aspiring wannabes, the value of luxury brand watches continues to soar. With trends dictated by something as simple as a Rolex’s dial color, strap style, metal type, or even its size, these watches now sell well above the retail price with buyers who they bite to purchase.

As market demand continues to grow, the price has become less of a concern for consumers as the pieces are essentially guaranteed to like. Sourcing these watches is the tricky part. With the high demands, the days of consumers walking into a Rolex store to buy their watch are over. These days, you need to know someone, a luxury watch retailer who not only has access, but who you can trust. While many have resorted to scouring the internet, often sacrificing their preference and taste just to get their hands on a watch, other alternatives like Watch Trading Co. have become the go-to for these hard-to-find branded luxury watches. Dubbed the unofficial premium watch retailer that can guarantee availability on the styles they wear, the online company has acquired a reputation for delivery. With educated and knowledgeable buyers about watch designs, Watch Trading Co. is a prime example of a retailer who is not only known for their luxury brand watches, but is known for interacting and staying immersed in the culture of the industry.

“It was certainly interesting to see how in demand these watches are. There is currently such a premium on some dials. You can have two of the same watch, and one could be worth $ 30,000 more if it has a current trending face. If the dial is out of production, some will double, even triple their value, “says Watch Trading Co.” So our customers not only feel good about their purchases, they also feel like they’ve made a good investment. “

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