The Conspiracy Industry – Bill’s Message of the Day

Ray Epps’ story is instructive. A friend of mine in Arizona really knows the boy and is amused by all the attention he is getting.

The conspiracy industry has Mr. Epps as a kind of Capitol mastermind and it is true that he actively encouraged protesters to besiege the Capitol a year ago. It is registered. But old Ray, as I reported yesterday, was smart enough not to transgress himself. Apparently he never entered the building.

As for the conspiracy, Ray is somehow connected to the FBI or something and that’s why he wasn’t arrested. It is a “false flag” hombre who created the real offenders.

If it is true that Ray Epps may have “incited” a riot, his defense would be free speech. With more than 700 people arrested for actually entering the Capitol, it’s not hard to see why the feds didn’t go after Ray. Not a case of arrest. Why waste time and money on an indictment you might lose.

In real life, Ray is said to be a member of “The Oathkeepers”, a far-right crew. He is a former Marine who works as a handyman in Arizona. Or at least he was used to it before becoming Serpico.

I don’t want to trivialize this, but I want to lead my audience away from the ongoing conspiracy industry. It’s an endless wasteland where money is made by charlatans.

Ray Epps reportedly testified before that mock House panel investigating Jan.6, and those pins are expected to release the transcript of the “Oath Keeper’s” sworn testimony. This is legitimate. We people should see it.

But the boy is not 007. I apologize to Sean Connery.

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