The Best Loungewear and Comfy Clothes from Amazon Fashion Brands

There’s no point in pretending otherwise – this is the time of year when we’d like to avoid real clothes as much as possible and live every second of every day in something that is basically a version of pajamas. Getting out of the house can also be a tough sell (it’s sofa season, right?), So filling our stash of sweatshirts and ready-made pieces for the living room has to be done virtually. Thankfully, Amazon’s in-house fashion brands have got us covered. Literally.

From super soft leggings to sweatshirts that look professional enough for a last minute video call with coworkers, below is all we’d like to live in right now.


Long-sleeved knit top with pointelle front lacing

A pre-made knot is ideal for lazy stylists and the length is perfect for high-waisted leggings, just to say.


Long-sleeved oversized cotton crewneck sweater

See those notches on the waist? They allow the sweater to spread out on the belt (i.e. make the fit as comfortable as possible).


Sherpa jacket with long sleeves with mock neck and full zip

Okay, maybe you already own a zippered sweatshirt, but own one with neon accents? Exactly.


High waisted high waisted leggings, soft and elegant

These leggings were legitimately designed to be extra comfortable. There is a soft ribbed detail at the waist and ankles, plus the fabric has been brushed for a soft feel.


Short pajama set in cotton and modal

Calling all pajama lovers: This ruffled set is cute and perfect to wear under a whole pile of blankets.


Long cardigan with open buttoning

When is a cardigan basically a bathrobe? When it hits the calf and is comfortable enough to wrap around you at any time of day.


Crewneck sweatshirt with fleece sleeve detail

With short, puffed sleeves and always classy stripes, this sweatshirt is 1000% suitable to wear on a business call.


Renata ribbed midi dress

Dresses are the original super comfortable and super indulgent option. This style of sweater has a shiny office look, but will also look great when paired with slippers.


Supersoft French Terry Lounge Jogger

For outdoor-approved sweatpants, look for a streamlined cut and wide ankle cuffs.


Long-sleeved wrap suit with V-neck and standard fit in super soft terry

Honestly, a jumpsuit is basically a real version of pajamas. Wear it all day, and then maybe consider stopping it someday and wearing it for bed.


Dolman Cloud Soft Yoga Fleece

The mock neck and boxy cut give this sweatshirt a touch of style. The fact that it’s made from soft fleece is just an added bonus.


Catalina ribbed knit trousers

You got us at “sweater pants”, Amazon. With a sassy, ​​wide-leg silhouette and ribbed material, these are stylish enough to be worn on the go as well.


Classic cut open V-neck sweatshirt with hood

The reliable, comfortable and snug hoodie has reinvented itself. A shallow V-neck makes it feel different than what you already have at home.

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