The Best Black-Ish Guest Stars Ever

Introducing: Virtually all the celebrities of all time.

Tuesday 4 January, the last season of Blackish premiered on ABC. But before we say goodbye to the Johnson family, let’s say hello to celebrity guests of Blackish past. And spoiler alert: there are A lot of them.

Indeed, in the premiere of the eighth and final season, the former First Lady Michelle Obama made an appearance. (Random, Right?)

In the episode, Bow convinces Dre to attend a fundraising event for When We All Vote, to make new couple friends and do their part to increase attendance at every single election. Dre grudgingly attends the event and to their surprise, Mrs. Obama is the host for the evening and even accepts an invitation to dinner at their home.

But Obama isn’t the only extraordinary guest star to date the Johnson family. From zendaya to Mary J. Blige, numerous actors and musical artists have appeared in the beloved sitcom. Oh, and who could forget the friends reunion in the sixth season? Surely not.

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