The Bat-Family’s New Gadget is Making Fashion History

The Bat-Family is known for having some pretty cool technology, and now the team has a new toy to play with that is as effective as it is stylish!

Warning: Spoiler for Batgirl # 2!

The Bat-Family often uses extremely specialized technologies and weapons in their fight against the scum of Gotham City, and now he’s just been given a sweet new piece of equipment that seems to act as an ultimate fashion statement too! Batman may have many different gadgets at his disposal, but Oracle and his Batgirl team make using them look good.

Unveiled in the second issue of the newly launched Batgirl series, by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad and Jorge Corona, Stephanie Brown, Cassandra Cain and Barbara Gordon Getting a high-tech update that looks good to boot is a welcome change for a team that has been put to the test as of delay. Faced with the evil hacker version of Oracle named Seer as they attempt to find and defeat her forever, the Batgirls team has been forced to switch to low tech in their recent ways of fighting crime so that their new enemy cannot descend. to compromise their mission.


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Soon encountered by a new breed of villains in the form of the Magistrate’s offshoot group calling themselves The Saints, the Batgirls continue their search for Seer as they battle with these armored villains; their lack of meaningful and effective technology clearly makes their job more difficult than it should be. And as Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain reunite at their new headquarters, Oracle is ready with some much-needed and very stylish new gear to use at work.

Transponder with a bat earring

Calling his teammates to reveal their new toys, Oracle admits he knows “communications have been a problem” lately (using walkie-talkies isn’t exactly the most hidden way to communicate), but now has found a solution to this. annoying problem: earrings. Showcasing a small jewelry box loaded with all kinds of trendy earrings to choose from (including a pair of bat-shaped earrings), Oracle claims they are equipped with “micro speakers” and “transponders,” something they are super proud of since they are seer proof and work on a unique frequency that Oracle can even track down its girls!

Forced to use equipment that is more functional than form lately, these Bat-Family members getting technology that is not only compact and easy to use, but something that can be worn even when not in the field is a new one. and fun fashion statement that Gotham vigilantes rarely allow themselves. Using far less technology than Oracle is used to (at least until she can secure her system from Seer’s advances), Batgirls can now expand their operations, go undercover, and even swap communications to accommodate to their mission (and style of clothing) as needed, giving Steph and Cass a huge advantage over the Gotham City criminals in the process.

So while it will take more than imaginative undercover technology to defeat Seer, getting back on track in terms of the gadgets used by Batgirls is a step in the right direction. Batman may never be caught dead wearing nothing more than a communications headset, but the Batgirls of the Bat-Family make fashion history with their cool new earrings that fit their characters well!

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