The 2022 Fashion Resolutions I’m Sticking To In The New Year

The last few weeks of the year are never relaxing for me. Striving to get my job done, flying across the country to celebrate the holidays, squeezing my birthday and trying to get ready for the new year – I often arrive on January 1st and find nothing less appealing than the idea of ​​rigidly setting myself himself a list of things to accomplish. I’d rather set a goal to be a little more comfortable with myself. That said, 2022 still marks the time for a new set of fashion resolutions – an assessment of how my life and how clothes relate to all of that have changed.

If 2020 was my year of comfort first and foremost – sweatpants and slippers, loose silhouettes and athleisure – 2021 was the year I wanted to feel warm again. Like so many others exploring cutouts, short hems and party dresses once again, I longed for the chance to make up for lost time and celebrate the fact that I could, well, celebrate again. But my large sartorial pendulum – from sofa dresses to club dresses – created a strange jumble of options in my closet, and with it a double identity when I left the house. If the real me was somewhere between a housewife and party life, why did my clothes suggest otherwise?

Entering 2022, I am trying to achieve a new harmony with what I wear: recognizing both the practicality and the emotion associated with how I dress and settling in somewhere in between. Upfront, I’m looking at some of the changes I’m making over the coming month.

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Embrace your everyday heel again

Although I have started to devote myself to fashion to go out, one category that has remained quite casual is in my footwear choices. I avoided having to slip on my heels again, especially since, as a NYC commuter, sneakers and flat boots make getting around stairs and streets much easier. But, after opening my favorite booties a couple of times, I realized that everyday heels are more comfortable than I remembered. It’s time to prioritize them again.

Invest in day wear

When I work from home it’s all too easy to spend the whole day in sweat, but when the 2pm slump comes and I’m still in pseudo-sleepwear it tends to affect my energy levels. Step into the power of the day dress – it’s not a party outfit, but I can easily dance around the house and run errands feeling like you’ve made an effort for me.

Update my Athleisure

Being a person who loves to go out, athleisure will always be a key part of my wardrobe, even if I want to dress things up a little. So taking my sporty pieces from casual to cool is an easy way to blend the high and the low. My point of reference: creating cutting-edge sportswear from emerging brands or bold options from my favorite classic labels.

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