Terror on the Right – Bill’s Message of the Day

EDITOR’S NOTE: As the year draws to a close, we’re revisiting some of O’Reilly’s best columns of 2021. Here’s one from February dealing with the alleged “rise of white supremacy” and the left’s use of race to deflect political failures. . Make sure you’re subscribed to O’Reilly’s weekly email newsletter – click here to subscribe.

From 21 February 2021:

President Biden has ordered the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to “face the rise of white supremacy.” He calls it the “greatest terrorist threat” to the country.

The ISIS killers were stunned to hear this.
There are violent groups on the racist right such as the “Order of the Nine Corners” and the “New Aryan Empire”. Ever heard of them? Me neither. But the feds know about them, and some members were recently arrested for illegal activities.
In 2020, the Justice Department filed exactly five criminal cases against “white supremacists”. 14 people were reported.
Five more cases in 2019. 75 people reported. Many of them are members of the “1488”, a ferocious Nazi-type group that peddles narcotics and assaults people.
It is a similar situation at the state level. There were only three “white supremacy” court cases in all 50 states last year. Nine people were reported. Nine. In 50 states.
In 2019, the number of white racists reported: eight.
So, what exactly are Joe Biden and his far-left supporters talking about? I mean the blocs occupied by the radical left in downtown Seattle last summer. Based on arrest statistics, white supremacists barely have enough staff to occupy a deli.
After hearing the president call the far-right reactionary threat, I tweeted a question: where is “the rise of white supremacy?”
Almost immediately the Twitter killers emerged defaming your humble correspondent. Worst of all was the Huffington Post, perhaps the most hateful organization on the planet.
The outrage against me was designed to send a clear message: You better not question the theory that white supremacy is dominant in America. If you do, we on the far left will harm you. And it’s not enough to condemn white racism, you have to accept that it’s pervasive.
So what’s REALLY going on here? Let’s examine a theory. Joe Biden is not particularly concerned with contextualizing the danger from the right. His supporters like the problem, so he is behind it.
The reason white supremacy is being promoted as a terrible threat to America is because it diverts attention from the real threat to public security: the leftist government.
Chicago is the most dangerous city in the country. A place where thousands of African Americans have been murdered. For decades Chicago has been run by liberal politicians who have failed to stop the violence.
New York City is dangerous and falling apart. Hundreds of thousands of residents are leaving. Far left mayor Bill DeBlasio is a disaster. Liberal Governor Andrew Cuomo is on the ropes after messing around at Covid.

Gavin Newsom, the super-liberal governor of California, will likely be recalled and may not survive the year. His home, San Francisco, is nearly unlivable due to far left politics.

Should I mention Seattle, Portland, Oregon, Baltimore, Minneapolis, and Philadelphia? The left-wing leadership has seriously injured them all.

The factual truth is that many thousands of Americans are being wounded, killed and deprived in radical left districts far from any white supremacy.

Maybe someone should put it in a hunchback so President Biden can read it.

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