Tennessee Republican tries to depants a ref at HS game, gets booted

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They said they wanted their political and sporting agendas to be separate. They never practice what they preach.

In the latest example of “Republicans Are Always Hypocrites,” Representative Jeremy Faison (R-Tenn.), The third highest-ranked Republican in the state House of Representatives, had to apologize for embarrassing himself and the his party after being kicked out of a high school basketball game. In an age where everything is recorded on cell phones, an elected official tried to pull down a referee’s pants in public.

You know you’ve been acting like an idiot when you have to include Jesus in your apology.

“For years I have thought about how wrong it is when a parent loses his temper at a sporting event,” he wrote. “He is not Christian and he is not mature and it is embarrassing for the child have always been my thoughts. Unfortunately, tonight I acted like a fool and lost my temper with a referee. I wanted him to fight me.

“. . . I never really lost my temper, but I did it tonight and it was completely stupid of me. Emotions that hinder rational thoughts are never good. I hope I can find the referee and ask for his forgiveness. I was wrong”.

If a story involving sports and Tennessee Republicans getting into things that make them look even dumber sounds familiar, it’s because it happened last winter. Last February, Republicans in Tennessee sent a letter to all the presidents and chancellors of public colleges and universities in Tennessee asking them to stop players from kneeling, as if they were committing crimes.

“To address this issue, we encourage each of you to adopt policies within your respective sports departments to prohibit such actions in the future,” reads the letter, signed by all 27 members of the Senate Republican Committee, including Lt. Governor Randy. McNally, R-Oak Ridge.

This all began after the East Tennessee State men’s basketball team knelt during the anthem. It is believed that the the white coach of the team was sacked for supporting his players. He was eventually replaced by a black manager who “fit the bill”.

We didn’t hear anything else from them on their knees.


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