Teach the Children Well – Bill’s Weekly Column

In the 1950s, American school children celebrated the arrival of summer with a poem:

“No more pencils,

No more books,

No more teachers

Dirty looks! “

Today, “dirty looks” are expressed in traditional assessment as much has changed in the nation’s public schools. Progressive policies that harm children are being installed across the country, but many do not understand what is really going on because there is little media coverage.

Let’s analyze the effort to eliminate the votes. According to leftist philosophy, the traditional classification is racist because some minority students are private and cannot compete with privileged white children. And there is some truth in this. I saw it firsthand while teaching high school in a ghetto north of Miami, Florida.

The progressive solution is to eliminate the “A to F” assessments and replace them with a totally subjective mandate “the student understands the work in the classroom”.

That system allows the teacher vast power because there is no specific academic baseline. Also, many schools are under pressure to promote children even if they know nothing and the teachers know it.

Those who embrace this soft academic approach justify it by citing slavery, social prejudice, and anti-American resentment in general.

But the real reason so many minority children don’t compete well in school is poor parenting. The same goes for white and Native American students. In fact, few children of any race can be successful in school if they live in chaotic homes with parents who don’t care about them.

That. IS. The. Truth.

And unless the public school system recognizes this truth, children in dire circumstances will not thrive. I mean, how could they compete in the market with the “white privilege” crew? And if young Americans can’t compete, what is likely to happen? You can come to terms with that question.

The largest school district in the country, New York City, spends more than $ 28,000 per student each year. However, most children cannot master math and English. Middle Catholic school spends half that, and those students do much better academic results.

How come? Simple. Parents who pay to send their children to Catholic schools obviously care about academic discipline because that’s what most private schools offer.

Public schools often do not promote the discipline. And now, in New York, classroom attendance is no longer even required for academic assessment, nor is civil conduct.

The cold reality is that progressive education fanatics are preparing destitute children to fail for life. There is no skin color factor when it comes to native intelligence. Under disciplined circumstances, almost any child can learn and develop their talents.

But just like the criminal justice system, progressives want to eliminate accountability and are playing the race card to do so.

What a colossal mistake.

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