Take Your Christmas and Stuff It – Bill’s Message of the Day

EDITOR’S NOTE: This week, we’re taking a look at some of O’Reilly’s best Christmas-themed columns over the years. Today we look back on 2004 where Bill takes an alternative look at vacationing if the laity had their way. Make sure you’re subscribed to O’Reilly’s weekly email newsletter – click here to subscribe.

From 9 December 2004:

“Christmas with the Kranks” isn’t just the name of a Christmas movie this year, it’s also a national trend. Once again, Christmas is besieged by the growing forces of secularism in America. Put these facts in your stocking:

  • Federal department stores, which include Macy’s, advised managers to avoid displaying “Merry Christmas” banners and ordered employees not to mention it.
  • In Denver, a church was banned from the “Festival of Lights” parade because it wanted a religious theme for its float.
  • The school board in Maplewood, New Jersey has banned all religious music from “holiday” concerts. (Could someone please tell me exactly what party this is?)
  • And New York City Mayor Bloomberg insists the lighted tree outside City Hall isn’t a Christmas tree, it’s a “party tree.” (What holiday, Mr. Mayor?)

Polls show that over 90% of Americans celebrate the federal holiday of Christmas, signed by President Grant in 1870. Despite this overwhelming number, America’s Christmas tradition continues to be hammered.

The anti-Christmas forces say it’s all about diversity, protecting the sensibilities of those Americans who take offense at the mere mention of the birth of Jesus. Somehow, I haven’t been able to locate any of these people, people who find a baby. in a manger so daunting that it spoils their day.

So the diversity excuse is a bunch of bull. What is really happening here is a well-organized movement to wipe out any organized religious demonstration from the public arena.

The secular-progressive movement understands very well that it is organized religion, especially Christianity and Judaism, that hinders gay marriage, partial birth abortion, legalized narcotics, euthanasia and many other secular causes. If religion can be de-emphasized in the United States, a bold new progressive society can be realized.

It happened in Canada. Once a traditional religious country, Canada has become like Holland in embracing the secular movement. Some facts: In 1980, 79% of Canadians said religion was important to the country. That number has now dropped to 61%, according to a poll by Environics Focus Canada.

In 1971, less than one percent of the Canadian population claimed to have no religion; now that number has risen to 16%.

The fall of religion in Canada corresponded to a change in public policy. Unlike Americans, Canadians have legalized gay marriage and any type of abortion. Furthermore, the age of consent for sex in the north is only 14. Can you imagine that American adults can joke with children of that age? I can not.

Drug legalization is also close to being a reality, as the city of Vancouver is developing a heroin distribution policy and weed has been largely decriminalized across the country.

The Canadian model is what progressive Americans aim for, so religion needs to be addressed. Since Christmas is the most demonstrative manifestation of organized religion, the strategy of downplaying the birth of Jesus makes perfect sense.

I know it sounds a little conspiratorial, but it really isn’t. Most of those who marginalize Christmas have no idea of ​​the big picture I just presented. They simply think they are wary of the minority of Americans who do not celebrate the birth of Christ.

But secularists engaged in the media, the courts and the education system know exactly what is going on. And now you too. Merry Christmas!

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