Fast Fashion – The Shady World of Cheap Clothing | Highlights | DW

But economic leaders come with a high price: a precarious existence for workers and a catastrophic environmental impact. The apparel industry is currently flooding the planet with clothing. With 100 billion items produced every year, that’s more than ever. International companies are locked in an ongoing race to create new styles and make more profits. … Read more

Fast Fashion Is Destroying The Planet; Here’S How

A number of stylists are exploring ways to recycle textile waste to reduce environmental discomfort. As middle-class consumer income grows, India’s per capita spending on clothes will increase to Rs 6,400 by 2023 from Rs 3,900 in 2018, the Indian Chamber of Commerce has estimated. A 2019 Mckinsey report says India will become the most … Read more

Climate Change: From H&M to Zara, how fast fashion hurts the environment

When Nitya Chandrashekhar’s mother decided to throw away her ten-year-old Banarasi silk sari, Nitya decided she wanted to reuse it. “The sari had silver work on the border and I didn’t want to give it away,” she said. She recycled the sari for her brother’s wedding, and it lasted for another decade until 2019, when … Read more

Zara McDermott reveals her ‘bag and belongings’ are stolen after ‘car is smashed’

Zara McDermott revealed that her “bag and things” were stolen after her car window was smashed on Thursday, December 16. The 25-year-old former Made in Chelsea star, whose boyfriend Sam Thompson called her her “constant” while celebrating her birthday, took to Instagram to share a shot of her duct-taped rear window with her 1’s. 6 … Read more