Designing a circular fashion system that works for all

This article was originally published on BSR Insight. The fashion industry is transforming from linear business models to more circular ones, including repair, recycling, resale and rental, while simultaneously being shaped by macro forces, such as automation and climate change. This transition offers both the opportunity to proactively address the industry’s long-standing employment concerns by … Read more

How a Timeline Project Management Tool Works to Benefit Fashion Designers

Think back to your most disorganized project, whether it was personal or professional. Have you encountered problems such as not meeting deadlines? Usually, any project can benefit from incorporating a timeline. But what is a project timeline tool and how can it keep your fashion production on track? Read on to learn about the Timeline … Read more

This Club Works With Fashion Firms to Reduce People’s Carbon Footprint – Sourcing Journal

Jack Bruner wants to help people lower their levels through the Carbon Neutral Club and is working with fashion companies to give club members an incentive to do so. Bruner and two co-founders launched the startup in July in Canada. Members use an online calculator to estimate the amount of carbon dioxide they produce. The… … Read more

Josh Duggar Documentary ‘In The Works’

The logline reportedly reads, “In the wake of Josh Duggar’s explosive criminal trial, the untitled project will expose the shocking connections between some of reality’s most famous big families and The Institute in Basic Life Principles, a controversial fundamentalist organization and home education empire. In addition, prominent social media commentators, writers and voices will explore … Read more

How people talk about fashion in Saudi Arabia

How we talk about fashion in Saudi Arabia The Fashion Futures event, organized by the Saudi Fashion Commission, was launched today at the Palace of Culture in the diplomatic district of Riyadh. (A photo / Lojien Ben Gassem) Fashion continues to evolve with the changing times and people’s preferences. It goes far beyond aesthetics, beauty … Read more

Saudi Fashion Professional Association to be launched before new year says president – Arab News

The Saudi Fashion Professional Association will be launched before the new year, the president saysArab news .