Teach the Children Well – Bill’s Weekly Column

In the 1950s, American school children celebrated the arrival of summer with a poem: “No more pencils, No more books, No more teachers Dirty looks! “ Today, “dirty looks” are expressed in traditional assessment as much has changed in the nation’s public schools. Progressive policies that harm children are being installed across the country, but … Read more

Killing the Vampire – Bill’s Weekly Column

While traveling the world for the “Inside Edition” syndicated reality program, I found myself in the Eastern European country, Romania. The government was trying to create tourism from the infamous fictional vampire Dracula. Bram Stoker’s creation is actually based on a real boy; a ferocious medieval warlord named Vlad Tepes who harassed his neighbors by … Read more

The Sun Shades the Truth – Bill’s Weekly Column

The Florida Sun-Sentinel is a troubled newspaper serving Broward and Palm Beach Counties. In December, the paper dishonestly treated the Trump / O’Reilly History show by reporting that an abundance of seats in the Fort Lauderdale arena remained unsold. The truth is that the show grossed two million dollars worth of tickets sold, a reality … Read more

The Ghost of Policies Past – Bill’s Weekly Column

According to legend, many ghosts reside in the White House, apparitions that date back to President Martin Van Buren. The “Little Wizard”, as he was called, would once appear to a shivering Chester Arthur asking a simple question: “How the hell did you get here?” President Arthur hid under the covers. As Christmas Eve evolves … Read more

Premier League records 42 new Covid cases – highest number since release of weekly figures began last year | Football News

The Premier League has announced 42 new positive coronavirus cases among club players and staff, the highest weekly figure since the test results began publishing in May last year. A Covid-19 outbreak led to the cancellation of Tottenham’s last two games, while Manchester United reported a string of positive tests, with Tuesday’s Brentford game in … Read more

The Covid Hidden Agenda – Bill’s Weekly Column

In the United States, anti-vaccinists are on the ground. Despite President Biden’s promise to get more than 70 percent of the adult population to accept Covid injections, compliance remains in the 61 percent range. Millions of people are vulnerable to the virus and its spread. Far-right people and African Americans remain the main resisters. Both … Read more