Tom Brady’s New Fashion Label Is a Shameless Burst of Logomania

The era of celebrities turning into entrepreneurs is becoming enduring. Beyoncé has her own fashion brand Ivy Park, Mariah Carey has her own Black Irish cream liqueur and now NFL star Tom Brady has thrown his hat into the ring with his new sportswear line aptly named BRADY. And he seems as determined to be … Read more

Tom Brady got help from Gisele Bundchen on new apparel line

Tom Brady has launched a new clothing line – dubbed “Brady”, of course – and his wife, fashion mogul Gisele Bundchen, helped him out. “[I’m] very involved and I love doing it, “Brady said on” Good Morning America. “” I love fashion and clothing. I just want to be as practical as possible. “ Brady … Read more

7 NFL records that could be broken this weekend by Tom Brady, Cooper Kupp and others

Drew Brees / Tom Brady / Peyton ManningImage: AP Another year, another chance for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. to break an NFL record. On Sunday, Brady will have the opportunity to break two records. The first is the record for completing just one season. Brady only needs to complete 16 passes to beat Drew … Read more

Antonio Brown has been officially released by the Bucs

This is all just shit.Image: Getty Images Feel free to speculate exactly why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waited until Thursday afternoon to make this decision, but now it’s final, they have released Antonio Brown. After Brown he refused to attend Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, him caused a scene at the exit from … Read more

Joe Burrow opting out of final regular-season game with AFC’s No. 1 seed on the line

Joe Burrow plans to miss Sunday’s game against the Browns.Image: Getty Images I have stated that Joe Burrow may be one of the best leaders in the NFL. However, after seeing the stunt he is doing ahead of his team’s final game of the season with AFC’s top seed in play, I have to change … Read more

Washington Football team needs to move on from Taylor Heinicke

It’s the end of the road for Taylor.Image: Getty Images Taylor Heinicke’s tale could end at the end of this NFL season. It was a great story last year in the playoffs when he gave Tom Brady and Tampa Bay a run for their money. But after a full season of watching Heinicke in central … Read more

Mac Jones, Trey Lance, Davis Mills, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields

2. Trey Lance Image: Getty Images Lance was finally reinstated in the starting lineup for the 49ers in week 17 and took his first career win, beating the lowly Texans. Lance played well, passing 249 yards and two TDs. Plenty of promise with this guy, and he should be ready to go full-time next season … Read more

The NFL didn’t think Antonio Brown was a problem before this week’s display

This is right.Illustration: Shutterstock There was a time in my life when nothing was as exciting as the start of the NFL season, the Bear season, here in Chicagoland. I can’t remember a moment before the Bears, sitting on my dad’s lap, watched the greatest all-round player ever, Walter Payton (not me @), haul whole … Read more

The NFL teams that have little to play for in the last week

Which teams should tank in week 18?Image: Getty Images More than half of the NFL remain in contention for the playoffs towards the final week of the season. This includes teams like the Packers, who have taken the home advantage throughout the postseason, and includes teams like the Raiders and Chargers, who face off but … Read more

ESPN glosses over Ben Roethlisberger’s history of rape allegations as ‘mistakes’

Do better, ESPN.Illustration: Shutterstock (Getty Images) Most would honestly prefer that ESPN and other outlets that broadcast sports didn’t even attempt to provide a semblance of balance to their coverage of players or teams or individuals who have something resembling a chess past. Just be the bullhorn for the league you’re in bed with, because … Read more