Lance Bass Dresses Twins Violet and Alexander in Packers Gear

Lance Bass wears twins Violet and Alexander in Packers Gear | Skip to content Superior navigation Close this dialog Explore Close this dialog Share and more Close this dialog Look at the picture Lance Bass dresses twins Violet and Alexander in Packers Gear, asks for “Cheeseheads for Kids” this link takes you to … Read more

Tom Brady’s New Fashion Label Is a Shameless Burst of Logomania

The era of celebrities turning into entrepreneurs is becoming enduring. Beyoncé has her own fashion brand Ivy Park, Mariah Carey has her own Black Irish cream liqueur and now NFL star Tom Brady has thrown his hat into the ring with his new sportswear line aptly named BRADY. And he seems as determined to be … Read more

Tom Brady got help from Gisele Bundchen on new apparel line

Tom Brady has launched a new clothing line – dubbed “Brady”, of course – and his wife, fashion mogul Gisele Bundchen, helped him out. “[I’m] very involved and I love doing it, “Brady said on” Good Morning America. “” I love fashion and clothing. I just want to be as practical as possible. “ Brady … Read more

2018 National Championship Game, then and now

Image: Getty Images It’s been four years since that classic national championship between Georgia and Alabama. A lot has changed in that full recruiting cycle since real freshman Tua Tagovailoa pitched that winning 41-yard touchdown pass to real freshman DeVonta Smith in overtime after hitting a 16-yard bag the previous game that threw the ball … Read more

Fed up NFL fanbases lash out at teams but will it be enough to induce major change?

Clown in Jacksonville.Image: Getty Images Sports fanatics are a passionate and loyal group of people who tend to defend the honor of their teams to the point of exhaustion. I mean, some fans have even fought over their home teams, and that’s mostly synonymous with NFL patrons here in the US. So, it goes without … Read more

Warriors’ Klay Thompson returned Sunday night

Feats of Klay.Illustration: Getty Images the lovely ones, brave underdogs, the Golden State Warriors. A couple of difficult seasons – truly a terrible season and another season that ended in disappointment turned out to be a mere traffic jam on the Warriors’ domain highway. For six consecutive seasons, the Warriors did not finish with a … Read more

Chicago Bears fans’ optimism lasted only four hours

Stupid is like stupid.Illustration: Getty Images Me and all the other Bears fans have gotten too used to this Black Monday cycle. Third time in eight years, the seventh time in my life. And there should be a routine. News of any drugs your team is firing comes out in the morning. We then hear … Read more

A wild finish to 2021 NFL regular season

Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders Image: Getty Images The reverberations of that loss of the Colts were felt all the way into the desert. Suddenly, playing good football wasn’t the best choice for the Chargers and Raiders to enter the playoffs. The hilarious scenario that had been discussed all week did indeed happen. … Read more

Week 18 NFL Powerless Rankings: It’s over

3. Detroit Lions Image: Getty Images Detroit isn’t much closer to becoming a winner, but the team has shown a lot of fighting throughout the year, which indicates at least some level of respect for head coach Dan Campbell. Lions need a lot of help, but they will also have to find their QB of … Read more

Las Vegas Raiders defeat L.A. Chargers, ending Bolts’ season extending Steelers’

This guy again? Great.Image: Getty Images You may feel the collective frustration of every sports fan outside Pittsburgh last night. It was as if we were all punching the sofa at the same time. You could feel it in the wind, a spiritual “THUNK”. Everyone was cheering for the tie between the Raiders and the … Read more