14 Style Resolutions Fashion Insiders Are Making in 2022

The energy of the resolving season can burn bright and fast, even when personal style goals are at the top of our New Year’s priority list. Dressing with intention, however you call it, seems feasible on New Year’s Eve. But in July we forget what we promised ourselves in January. The anxieties and limitations of … Read more

Fashion designer Jasmine Chong was a contestant on TV reality show Making the Cut.

Notes on the episode This week, host Karen Han talks to stylist Jasmine Chong who you may know from the reality show Making the cut. Before founding her own label, Jasmine worked for some of the most influential names in fashion. In the interview, Jasmine explains the profound influence her mother, a fashion designer, has … Read more

Aden Durde’s clobbering Cowboys: The NFL’s first full-time British coach is making noise as more than a flag-bearer | NFL News

Aden Durde is making his mark in the NFL Aden Durde could become Britain’s largest NFL export, if he hasn’t already locked in that reputation. With every Jordan Mailata pancake and every sack of Efe Obada and every invitation to the International Player Pathway program comes a reminder of his legacy of bridging the deep-rooted … Read more

The iPod shuffle is making a comeback… as a TikTok fashion trend

Apple’s first stylish gadget is making a comeback. The second-generation iPod shuffle introduced just over 15 years ago is seeing a resurgence in popularity on none other than TikTok. The second, third and fourth generation of iPod shuffle all had built-in clips and were available in a wide variety of color options that made them … Read more

Fashion Influencer Dani Sauter Is Making the Cat Mom Lifestyle Cool in the DMV

Today’s influencers represent a sea change in celebrity culture. Instead of sports actors and personalities gaining influence first and then earning through sponsorships, a new generation of social media stars – and no, that doesn’t just mean Gen Z – are using an interesting lifestyle and a must-have social feed to build an audience, find … Read more