Trinny Woodall: from fashion guru to beauty empire founder

The woman once notorious for her tendency to grab the breasts of TV fashion makeover candidates is standing in her office, describing the significance of her company’s new enterprise resource planning software, or ERP. Putting local distribution into important markets such as Australia is one plank of the growth plans this year for Trinny London, … Read more

Bavincis’ founder talks on luxury fashion accessories to amp-up your look

Human civilization has already passed that stage where clothing was only treated as a vehicle to cover our bodies and protect us from heat, dust, insects and other environmental elements. With the emergence of different fabrics and different weaving methods, clothes have become a powerful weapon to express our socio-economic, cultural and personal identity. In … Read more

‘Girls Gone Wild’ Founder Claims Daughters Kidnapped By Ex

The two have had an unstable relationship since they separated. In July, the Georgia native accused his ex of stealing $ 250,000 from him and kidnapping his daughters for six months. “What Golddigger,” he wrote on Instagram at the time, he reported Daily News. “Abbey Wilson is holding my daughters hostage and trying to get … Read more