Documentary on Elio Fiorucci to Be Celebrated at Fashion Film Festival – WWD

MILAN – Fear: a concept as old as the world that inevitably affects the behavior of humans and animals alike. The relationship of each person with feeling is personal and, given the context of these times, it becomes more and more an object of self-exploration and research on coping mechanisms. While many are looking for … Read more

Awards Shows & Film Festivals Cancelled, Postponed In 2022

The Golden Globes haven’t been canceled or postponed, but they will look significantly different than in years past. There will be no celebs in attendance or a pre-show red carpet on January 9th. This surprisingly has nothing to do with omicron, rather with a boycott of Hollywood that has resulted in talented bookers not being … Read more

How ‘The Matrix’ influenced culture: From film to fashion

In 1999, Keanu Reeves chose the red pill to go down the rabbit hole and modern cinema and pop culture would never be the same. Even in the landscape of that unforgettable cinematic year, “The Matrix” was an absolutely unique blend of cyberpunk science fiction, superhero thriller and mind-blowing existential drama. The Wachowski filmmakers have … Read more

Ben Affleck, Ana De Armas Film ‘Deep Water’ Yanked, Crew Blindsided

The Radar insider explained the 49-year-old Batman actor and de Armas were supposed to sit down for interviews, press conferences and walk the red carpet together, which was forcing the promotion team to strategize on how to deal with Affleck’s girlfriend Jennifer Lopez if she decided to join the duo. .