13 Designers Who Are Their Own Muse

Virgil Abloh, the late designer who led Louis Vuitton menswear and his own label, Off-White, was another king in wearing his designs. In July of last year, Abloh arrived at a Louis Vuitton dinner wearing a black suit with multicolored buttons, a white shirt and a tie marked “A Formality”. That cheeky logo message was … Read more

Meet the 8 Upcoming Designers Debuting at Paris Men’s Fashion Week

Almost as quickly as last fashion month flew … the next one arrived in style. Starting with menswear and haute couture, a lineup of classics and new contenders set the scene for glittering Paris for a season that’s sure to be unforgettable. How come? Eight new faces have entered the scene, each of which already … Read more

Healing through fashion: IOM in Bosnia allows migrants to become designers and models for one night

Fashion may be the furthest thing on the mind of people fleeing wars, persecutions and hardships. However, an initiative in Bosnia and Herzegovina makes sure that the creative ideas of migrants have their moment in the spotlight. Flowing chiffon, flattering linen and shimmering silk help migrants and refugees stranded in Bosnia and Herzegovina not only … Read more

Fashion designers gear up to face Omicron impact on their business

With an increase in cases of Omicron, a variant of the Coronavirus, India has taken precautionary measures to ensure the safety of its citizens. To ensure that business and its people are in safe hands, fashion industry experts are also taking safety measures in their workspaces. In the wake of the situation, the designers talk … Read more

Seattle fashion designers work wonders with wardrobe staple

A Sarah Alexandra shirt offers a custom design without sacrificing comfort. # k5sera SEATTLE – A Sarah Alexandra shirt can easily be described as shiny without the fuss. The brand is named after designer Sarah Alexandra McKinney, who runs a modern boutique in Seattle’s Madison Valley neighborhood. “The shirt looks really good on so many … Read more

The most influential fashion designers of 2021 – Massachusetts Daily Collegian

From trendsetters to timeless fashion figures Virgil Abloh by Myles Kalus Anak Jihem This year was significant for fashion, as social issues came to the fore. The pandemic has altered the way we see everything and the fashion industry is no exception. Numerous manifestations for various causes, such as climate change and sustainability, have shaped … Read more

How a Timeline Project Management Tool Works to Benefit Fashion Designers

Think back to your most disorganized project, whether it was personal or professional. Have you encountered problems such as not meeting deadlines? Usually, any project can benefit from incorporating a timeline. But what is a project timeline tool and how can it keep your fashion production on track? Read on to learn about the Timeline … Read more

5 Caribbean Designers To Watch in 2022

Known for its picturesque architecture, award-winning culinary landscape and stunning natural ecosystem, topography and wildlife, the Caribbean is rich in cultural richness; rooted in a different story that influences every fabric of eclectic lifestyles on a daily basis. Beyond the world famous slogan of “sun, sea and sand”, however, this region boasts of a fourth … Read more