Stolen data published following ransomware attack against fashion brand Moncler

Italian luxury fashion brand Moncler SpA was hit by a ransomware attack that led to the publication of stolen data. The ransomware attack occurred in December, with the data stolen in the attack appearing this week on the dark web, a dark corner of the internet for illegal activity. A group named AlphV / BlackCat … Read more

Fashion giant Moncler confirms data breach after ransomware attack

Italian luxury fashion giant Moncler confirmed it suffered a data breach after the files were stolen by the AlphV / BlackCat ransomware operation in December and posted on the dark web today. The attack took place in the last week of 2021, when the luxury fashion brand announced an outage of its IT services but … Read more

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail faces data breach on its portal

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd (ABFRL) is facing a data breach on its portal and the company is investing in the incident. Meanwhile, the company has assured that it will not have any operational or commercial impact on its operations. The company hired forensic security experts to investigate the data breach incident in which … Read more

Aditya Birla Fashion (ABFRL) Data Allegedly Leaked Online, Over 5 Million Email Addresses Breached

Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL), an India-based fashion retail company, has become a victim of a massive data breach. Data with over 5.4 million email addresses have been allegedly scraped from the Aditya Birla Group-owned platform and posted publicly. The alleged database includes personal customer information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, dates … Read more

Who to Hire to Build the Fashion Metaverse

An unconventional post could soon start popping up on all fashion job boards: “Wanted: Metaverse design specialist; unnecessary experience. “ Fashion brands piling up in the virtual fashion craze are finding that finding the people needed to operate in the metaverse can be as complicated as the technology itself. Web3 experts, non-fungible tokens, and other … Read more

The New Technologies Fashion Schools Are Teaching Students

As the fashion industry races towards a digital future, schools that train the next generation of workers are rushing to catch up. The presence of emerging technologies in the fashion curricula has at times proved to be dispersed and inhomogeneous. While there are some schools that rise to the challenge, many still haven’t. A recent … Read more

How Online Privacy Rules Changed the Way Fashion Finds Customers

When Adidas said earlier this year it wanted to significantly expand its membership program, which offers discounts and other rewards to the brand’s most loyal customers, it had more than Nike in its sights. Customers who are members of Adidas ‘Creators’ Club provide voluntary data on who they are and what they buy. It allows … Read more