Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be complicated

Fast fashion companies are on the rise among college students for their inexpensive, easily accessible products. However, these companies’ unethical practices raise questions as to whether there’s a better way to shop. Perhaps the most well-known fast fashion retailer, Shein, an online clothing store that boasts trendy pieces at incredibly low prices, has recently seen … Read more

Lunar New Year, the Beijing Olympics and Fashion’s Complicated Opportunity in China

All Eyes on Beijing Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 1, while the Winter Olympics commence in Beijing on Feb. 4 China’s “zero Covid” policy will likely reduce the number of domestic travelers; international visitors are mostly barred from the games Worsening US-China relations are complicating Western brands’ marketing efforts and creating opportunities for Chinese … Read more

Untangling Holly Madison & Hugh Hefner’s Complicated Relationship

Holly would have continued to marry for a long time Pasquale Rotella in 2013. In 2018, just weeks before celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary, they filed for divorce. They share two children together, Rainbow Aurora Wheel, 8 and son Leonardo Antonio Rotella Forest, 5. But during her marriage, and the time without any contact from … Read more