Has Sequoia China Found Its Next Big Fashion Investment?

The Jing takes: On January 13, Sequoia Capital China announced the acquisition of a majority stake in the South Korean design brand WE11DONE. Alongside Sequoia China, Mirabaud Lifestyle Impact & Innovation, a French fund founded by Chanel’s fifth-generation heir, David Wertheimer, will join the company as a minority shareholder. WE11DONE, based in Seoul, is a … Read more

Luxury fashion brands play it safe for Lunar New Year

To receive the Vogue Business newsletter, sign up here. Gucci, Valentino and Marni are among the luxury brands launching capsule collections for the Lunar New Year in China, all centered around the Year of the Tiger. As campaigns are ramping up, experts note brands are taking a more cautious approach to avoiding missteps in the … Read more

How fashion can leverage blind box marketing in China

Collaborations can strengthen and refresh the narrative. In 2020, Tommy Hilfiger teamed up with rapper Vava and singer Ma Boqian to create a limited edition blind box. Unlikely collaborations add to the sense of playful narrative: In 2020, Karl Lagerfeld and Tsingtao Brewery created a blind box as part of their joint Night Owl Muse … Read more

Five women in fashion and beauty that we loved in 2021 – South China Morning Post

Five women in fashion and beauty we loved in 2021South China Morning Post .

Diamond League: Sebastian Coe defends new China event – ‘Open dialogue better than boycott’ | Athletics News

“It is even better to have an open dialogue and sporting relationships than to put up the drawbridge,” said Sebastian Coe after a new Diamond League event was added in China; announcement comes in the wake of WTA suspension of tournaments in the country over concerns over Peng Shuai Last updated: 21/12/21 22:16 Sebastian Coe … Read more

Trump Reveals He Warned China Not To Buy Iranian Oil – No Spin News Excerpt

Donald Trump revealed on Saturday’s History Tour stop in Houston that when he was in office he warned the president of China that if they bought oil from Iran, the United States would stop doing business with the Communist country. Trump believes that President Joe Biden’s policies have empowered Iran. Sign up for our Premium … Read more