Another White House Embarrassment – Bill’s Message of the Day

Did you see that chaotic scene at the White House yesterday? President Biden kept away from reporters after meeting with some governors. Another amazing embarrassment. We’ll show it to you tonight on the No Spin News and continue to analyze the President’s bizarre behavior. I have never seen anything like this. Scary because of its … Read more

The Danger of Progressive Policies – Bill’s Message of the Day

Tonight, on the No Spin News, we’ll investigate why so many police officers are being shot. It all comes down to progressive policies putting not only cops but all of us in danger. Same thing is going on in public schools, students are being hurt by awful progressive policies. I spell that out in my … Read more

Teach the Children Well – Bill’s Weekly Column

In the 1950s, American school children celebrated the arrival of summer with a poem: “No more pencils, No more books, No more teachers Dirty looks! “ Today, “dirty looks” are expressed in traditional assessment as much has changed in the nation’s public schools. Progressive policies that harm children are being installed across the country, but … Read more

Favoritism Is Now Celebrated – Bill’s Message of the Day

Why are people reacting to President Biden using skin color as a prerequisite for nominating a Supreme Court Justice? Vice President Harris was nominated because of skin color and gender. And Biden himself is a promoter of “equity,” the philosophy that gives favor to American minorities. So, no surprise on the Supreme Court. The progressive … Read more

Snow Woke and the Seven Dwarfs – Bill’s Message of the Day

My favorite awake company, Disney, is remaking “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Can you really still say the word “dwarf”? It turns out you can. But not the word “nano”. That’s gone, baby, gone. But let’s get back to Snow White. Let’s talk about white privilege. Cabbage. This young woman may need to change … Read more