How Will Biden Perform Today? – Bill’s Message of the Day

Great day for President Biden. He is holding his ninth press conference. Much less than its predecessors in their first year. Last night on No Spin News, I listed six important questions that Mr. Biden should ask. If you missed it, too bad! The subjects were Covid, inflation, border collapse, ballot papers and critical race … Read more

The Failures of Joe Biden – Bill’s Message of the Day

A year ago, when Joe Biden was about to assume the presidency, 49 percent of Americans called themselves Democrats. This according to the Gallup organization. Today, 42 percent of policemen are Democrats. While self-appointed Republicans increased from 40 to 47 percent. So, all of you math graduates, this is an amazing swing in 12 months. … Read more

The Biden Administration is Bad for America – Bill’s Message of the Day

Sometimes bad things have to happen in life to set corrections. The Biden administration is bad for America, most voters understand that, so the Democrats are likely to be punished next November. At the retail level, United Van Lines is reporting that people are moving from progressive-run states in record numbers. San Francisco is now … Read more

4 takeaways as Bills end Patriots’ season in humiliating fashion

Patriots Between a combination of top Bills and Patriots that just didn’t show up, New England never had a chance in this game. Josh Allen did what he wanted in the air and on the ground against the New England Patriots. (Photo by Timothy T Ludwig / Getty Images) A scary new reality could emerge … Read more