Merchandising 'The Batman:' From Funko to high fashion – KOMO News

Merchandising ‘The Batman:’ From Funko to high fashionKOMO news .

Merchandising 'The Batman:' From Funko to high fashion – KUTV 2News

Merchandising ‘The Batman:’ From Funko to high fashionKUTV 2 News .

How did the Miami Dolphins win seven straight?

Image: Getty Images The Miami Dolphins are the first NFL team to have scored seven consecutive losses and seven consecutive victories in the same season. It’s not even an anomaly stemming from the new 17-game schedule, as it took only 15 Fins games to go from “How the hell was this team expected to win … Read more

How Robert Pattinson’s Batman Was Inspired by Kurt Cobain

There is something in the way Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne in The Batman. In an interview with Empire, released on Saturday 18 December, director Matt Reeves talked about how Nirvana’s frontman and 90s music icon Kurt Cobain inspired his adaptation of the comic book character in the new film, which will be released on … Read more

Thursday Night Football, Week 15: Chargers vs. Chiefs

Andy Reid’s teams are always good after a week of waiting. Even better when Patrick Mahomes is his quarterback.Photo: Getty Images Thursday night football has become synonymous with mediocre television. For some reason, most TNF matchups seem to involve two uninteresting teams in a game that means absolutely nothing. Not tonight, though. Tonight there is … Read more

Lakers need more than occasional great performance from LeBron James

The Lakers will need a lot more peak nights than LeBron to get where they want to go.Image: Getty Images Though the Lakers made their way into the first two months of the NBA season, no one can say that LeBron James didn’t play his part in trying to keep Los Angeles afloat in the … Read more