2018 National Championship Game, then and now

Image: Getty Images It’s been four years since that classic national championship between Georgia and Alabama. A lot has changed in that full recruiting cycle since real freshman Tua Tagovailoa pitched that winning 41-yard touchdown pass to real freshman DeVonta Smith in overtime after hitting a 16-yard bag the previous game that threw the ball … Read more

Fed up NFL fanbases lash out at teams but will it be enough to induce major change?

Clown in Jacksonville.Image: Getty Images Sports fanatics are a passionate and loyal group of people who tend to defend the honor of their teams to the point of exhaustion. I mean, some fans have even fought over their home teams, and that’s mostly synonymous with NFL patrons here in the US. So, it goes without … Read more

Week 18 NFL Powerless Rankings: It’s over

3. Detroit Lions Image: Getty Images Detroit isn’t much closer to becoming a winner, but the team has shown a lot of fighting throughout the year, which indicates at least some level of respect for head coach Dan Campbell. Lions need a lot of help, but they will also have to find their QB of … Read more

Fashion on the field: Georgia football uniforms through the decades | Arts & Culture

As their seventh opportunity to compete for a national title approaching, the Georgia Bulldogs have seen countless changes since the team’s formation in January 1892, from rules to player clothing. Although the red and black worn by both fans and players alike have remained the staple colors of the Bulldogs’ wardrobe, the similarities largely end … Read more

Jacksonville GM Trent Baalke sets his sights in Vic Fangio as DC

Vic Fangio is reportedly ready for a second job without even being fired from his first one, yet.Image: Getty Images Typically, when it comes to an interest in hiring you as a coordinator before you even get fired as a head coach, it’s a sign that you are seen as a good football mind. It … Read more

2 coaches who should be considered NFL Coach of the Year

Who will be? In all sports, the Coach of the Year award has a misleading title. It’s not about who the best coach is; it’s about which team stunned the most people, or which team overcame most of the adversity by staying close to the top of the leaderboard. This is what voters are really … Read more

Hawaii football coach Todd Graham still has job despite numerous complaints of abusive behavior

Todd Graham, “hands down the worst guy I’ve ever met in my life,” says one player.Image: AP Todd Graham answers the question that absolutely no one was asking. What if there was a version of Urban Meyer that didn’t really win? While Meyer himself answered this question in his NFL stint last year, Graham, the … Read more

7 NFL records that could be broken this weekend by Tom Brady, Cooper Kupp and others

Drew Brees / Tom Brady / Peyton ManningImage: AP Another year, another chance for Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr. to break an NFL record. On Sunday, Brady will have the opportunity to break two records. The first is the record for completing just one season. Brady only needs to complete 16 passes to beat Drew … Read more

Antonio Brown has been officially released by the Bucs

This is all just shit.Image: Getty Images Feel free to speculate exactly why the Tampa Bay Buccaneers waited until Thursday afternoon to make this decision, but now it’s final, they have released Antonio Brown. After Brown he refused to attend Sunday’s game against the New York Jets, him caused a scene at the exit from … Read more

Where will Caleb Williams transfer to? Well… where is his girlfriend going to school?

Want Caleb Williams relocation according to the girlfriend relocation portal theory?Illustration: Getty Images The transfer portal is the most controversial, unpredictable and ever-changing tool in college football. After a 2021 rule change that eliminated the requirement for the transfer of athletes to be out for one year before they are eligible to play again, this … Read more