Aaron Rodgers Blasts Biden Administration in Vaccine Rant

Aaron Rodgers Blows Up Biden Administration In Vaccine Rant | PEOPLE.com Skip to content Superior navigation Close this dialog Explore PEOPLE.com Close this dialog Share and more Close this dialog Look at the picture Aaron Rodgers blew Biden’s administration in vaccine outbreak before Packers playoff loss this link takes you to an external site that … Read more

Australian judge reinstates Novak Djokovic’s visa

Novak Djokovic’s uncle, mother, father and brother hold a press conference as the tennis star was due to be released from an Australian immigration center.Image: Getty Images Perhaps in the age of social media, or simply our vengeful society, being the absolute best at something will cause a massive amount of idiocy around you. Then … Read more

2 coaches who should be considered NFL Coach of the Year

Who will be? In all sports, the Coach of the Year award has a misleading title. It’s not about who the best coach is; it’s about which team stunned the most people, or which team overcame most of the adversity by staying close to the top of the leaderboard. This is what voters are really … Read more

Sportswriter Hub Arkush apologizes for Aaron Rodgers comments

More or less how it went down.Illustration: Getty Images We spent some time yesterday talking aboutta argues in principle that Voter AP Hub Arkush voted for Aaron Rodgers as MVP. You may disagree with the principles, and they were probably on the side of the hypocrites (it has been a Hub habit for years), but … Read more

MVP voter Hub Arkush won’t vote for ‘jerk’ Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers’ anto-vaxx idiocy made him lose at least one MVP vote.Illustration: Getty Images You may not have realized that the NFL MVP debate could get as annoying as it does at the Baseball Hall of Fame. I know, just when you thought you could find an escape. Now, it should be noted that Hub … Read more

Australian Open gives Novak Djokovic a medical exemption

Just like Aaron Rodgers, the rules don’t apply to superstars like Novak Djokovic.Image: Getty Images Once again, major sports have set out to prove that the rules don’t apply to money makers, even when the rules are in the interest of public health and the end of an ongoing pandemic. Twenty-time Grand Slam winner Novak … Read more

From Antonio Brown to Aaron Rodgers talent trumps all in NFL

This is what you get.Image: Getty Images Antonio Brown needs help. But we know that in the same way we know how good he is at football. This season, we discovered that Aaron Rodgers is a “critical thinker” who believes he is the smartest person in any room. He is also extremely good. On Sunday, … Read more

Who’s the 2021 NFL MVP? Brady, Rodgers, Samuel, Taylor or Kupp?

Image: Getty Images I know we got Aaron Rodgers at Deadspin to the task, and I might rightly add. His position on COVID-19 as a public figure is dangerous, and his views on “awake” and “culture erasing” are ludicrous. However, he was the most valuable player in the NFL this season. The Green Bay Packers … Read more

Jordan vs. LeBron, the SEC, Urban Meyer and other things we’d like to leave in 2021

Maybe the third year of COVID will be the charm!Image: Getty Images As 2021 draws to a close, we’re given the opportunity to look back fondly (or not so fondly) at all the crazy things that have happened in sport this year, from the athletes’ anti-vax movement to the entire Urban saga. Meyer, gives the … Read more

Aaron Rodgers, ‘immunized’ from absolutely nothing, is our No. 2 IDIOT OF THE YEAR

Illustration: Getty Images Welcome to Deadspin IDIOT OF THE YEAR parties! Numbers 50 to 11 are available for you to enjoy here. And our top 10 so far: 10. Thom Brennaman 9. Ted Cruz 8. Rob Manfred 7. Kyrie Irving 6. Sage Steele 5. Urban Meyer 4. Chicago Blackhawks 3. Trevor Bauer 2. Aaron Rodgers … Read more