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Swap.com on Thursday (Jan.6) began partnering with visual search FIND.Fashion to offer shoppers an experience rooted in AI and combining data with emotion recognition to search for millions of items.

“Some buyers aren’t sure exactly what they want, they just know that Swap is a good place to find it at a great price,” said Antonio Gallizio, board member and chief commercial officer of Swap.com, in the joint announcement. . “The addition of FIND.Fashion visual search makes it easier to find what they want in that moment and makes the shopping experience easier, faster and more engaging.

“We know this because shoppers who use search leave happier with their purchases and find more products on our site that they inevitably buy,” he said.

FIND.Fashion technology prioritizes emotions within user actions instead of relying on text-based voices or historical data that can be distorted by changes in tastes and seasons. Eliminate the requirement for shoppers to describe what they want and use intuitive visual search to give hidden gems four times more likely to be found.

“We are thrilled that Swap.com customers enjoy the visual search of FIND.Fashion products with emotion recognition and that we have been able to help the company overcome its eCommerce goals in such a short time,” said Heikki. Haldre, FIND. Fashion CEO and co-founder, in the joint announcement. “There’s no question that visual search is sweeping text search out of the water.”

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In October, shopping optimization platform Fast Simon, formerly InstantSearch +, launched the AI ​​Visual Discovery Suite, which allows shoppers to use images from their smartphones, Instagram accounts, or store catalogs to get instant match results with just one. click.

Visual Discovery automatically identifies all items in an image, allowing merchants to “complete a look” for consumers, while also increasing cart size and conversion rates. Fast Simon’s AI Visual Discovery suite adds software integration to eCommerce and a dashboard that provides detailed insights into buyer engagement, conversion, and average order value (AOV).



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