Sting Factor: TE Mac Markway decommits from Florida

When a major program loses a key recruit, takes a look at how big the hit is for the respective school, analyzing it locally and nationally. To quantify the “sting” of each disengagement, we assign a score from one to 10, where one is not a big deal and 10 is a catastrophic blow.


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When Mac Markway committed to Florida in late July, the four-star tight end of 2023 seemed to have found the perfect fit.

He had developed a really strong relationship with the manager Dan Mullen and above all assistant coach Tim Brewster. St. Louis star DeSmet loved the way the Gators were using their tight ends and their plans for him.

But Markway gave up his Florida engagement on Sunday night as well as many commitments as a manager Billy Napier and his staff implement their vision. It’s not a devastating loss for the Gators, but Markway is a very talented tight end, so that level of talent would be in demand in Florida – or any other school for that matter.



“I like what Markway brings to the table from his end position. It has many natural capabilities and potentials. However, on the day Mullen was fired, it was a foregone conclusion that Markway was not going to sign with the Gators.

“His main relationship is with Brewster. The decision was made with no possibility of Coach Brewster returning to Gainesville. It wasn’t about retiring, but about when.” – Jason Higdon,

Puncture factor: 7




“It has been made clear, especially with the 2022 class, but now also in the 2023 group, that Napier and his staff have a different view of how the program in Florida should be managed during his tenure. The players who retired either of their own accord or because they would not have been part of the Florida recruiting class are all highly talented players who could have contributed. But it seems Napier wants to draw a clear distinction between Mullen’s time in Florida and how he’ll run the program, so distancing himself from Mullen-era recruits is one of the steps involved.

“It’s unfortunate, but also just a recruiting reality. Markway will find a new home and could have a phenomenal career. Florida will be fine as well as the guys Napier wants to target from the Gators in the program.” – Adam Gorney, Rivals National Director of Recruitment

Puncture factor: 5

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