Sorry Kirk Herbstreit, damn near all of the college football bowl season is meaningless

Kirk Herbstreit, a lover of college football.

Kirk Herbstreit, a lover of college football.
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A postseason isn’t a show, it’s a tournament to declare a champion, except in major college sports. Men’s college basketball has NIT and college football is bowling season. Both were more prestigious decades ago, but at least no one insists on the sanctity of NIT anymore. College football bowling season, that’s a different story.

The number of bowls has doubled in the past 25 years and could have tripled had the NCAA not put a three-year moratorium on creating new ones from 2016-2019. Even Jimmy Kimmel has a game of bowls now.

As ESPN tries to fill its entire programming calendar, from unveiling the Heisman Trophy to Wild Card Weekend, with college football games, players are seeing naked greed and those whose time would be better spent focusing on theirs. future careers in the NFL are choosing not to. play in these exhibitions.

Does this make sense. If players are not part of one of the four College Football Playoff teams that have a chance for a national championship, there is no reason to risk their professional future by playing in a match that is meaningless. However, there are still people who wave a fist in the air as well shouting about the boules tradition not respected by the modern college football player. One such person is ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

He is convinced that there is no meaningless college football game. Herbstreit did this point during a media interview on Monday, and he’s gone Too far yesterday at College Gameday when he categorically said: “I think this era of players do not love football.”

First, Desmond Howard, you have nothing to do with this. As soon as Herbstreit finished saying football, you immediately intervened with “This is what I was going to say”.

After Howard finished, Rece Davis gave Herbstreit the opportunity to go back to what he said because Davis is good at his job and he knows people shouldn’t make such sweeping accusations, especially on television. Herbstreit made it clear in front of the camera (and via tweets later) what she meant some players don’t like football.

Herbstreit is a great analyst, but this interpretation was negative not only because it eliminated an entire generation of football players at first, but because it still clings to this traditional college football feeling like a pure crunchy autumn afternoon with kids drinking Dr. Pepper and cheer on the name on the front instead of the name on the back.

This college sports business has been laid bare for decades now. The administrators, the people who run the pétanque games, the TV executives, are here for the money. In a world where it becomes more difficult every day to get people to watch live television, they know that a good number of people will always watch football and that will bring in money from advertisers.

Tradition is not reason enough to justify anything, but what is traditional in the host of a late night talk show having a game of boules or dumping mayonnaise on a bus to try to get more people to spread Duke’s on their turkey sandwich.

Players are seeing it all, and should Ohio state wide receiver Chris Olave risk injury and potentially cost himself millions of dollars if he enters the draft to play in a New Year’s exhibition game just because it appears to be the Rose Bowl?

All Olave would do while playing that game is help Ohio State, Utah, Rose Bowl, Capital One, Big Ten, Pac 12 and Disney. He’s put a lot of tape out there to prove he’s one of the best players available in the 2022 NFL Draft and he can’t do anything to improve him in a game that is, sorry Herbstreit, meaningless.

Postseasons are meant to declare a sample. This is what the College Football Playoff does today, this is what the big bowls did when he was a player. Everything else is just an exhibit and college football has lined the pockets of those exhibits for decades and will continue to do so. Fortunately, these days gamers know this too and have the option of not letting their bodies be used for a special presentation.


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