SojaBoy Reveals How Much Money He Made on Cameo

Raking it! 90 days boyfriend star Usman “SojaBoy” Umar revealed how much money he has apparently made with Cameo since making his reality TV debut and fans are skeptical.

The Nigerian rapper took to Instagram on Tuesday January 4 to share an alleged screenshot of what appeared to be the backend of his Cameo account, an app where fans can order for a fee customized videos of their favorite celebrities. In a section titled “Your Wallet”, he revealed his available balance and the amount of money he has earned “always” or since he entered the app. While SojaBoy’s balance was $ 0.00, its total amount was $ 52,028,269.03. Usman pointed to the all-time section to show fans how much he claims he earned, and also circled his profile picture at the bottom of the screenshot, to prove it was his account.

“Hello world and happy new year,” SojaBoy, 32, captioned the screenshot as he reflected on his blessings. “I don’t want to talk much, I’m just here to say thanks to @chrissyteigen, thanks to @tlc, thanks to @cameo and thanks to all my fans who made me rich in just 2 years. Keep booking your cameo and get Hausa’s Flavor from Sakkwatawa Shehu, link below and in my bio. #SOJABOY #YARIMA #PANTHER 🐆🤴❤️. “

The artist currently charges $ 50 for a video for personal use on his Cameo account and charges $ 500 for corporate use. She records different types of videos for fans, including birthday wishes, and will also serenade fans by singing her own songs with custom lyrics.

While SojaBoy has apparently listed the amount in US dollars, many fans welcomed the comments to share their skepticism and accuse him of having photoshopped the image. “I wonder if it was hacked,” wrote one fan, while a second added, “This was absolutely Photoshopped. The bank icon does not fit in the frame, it has been moved.”

“It’s not US dollars, it’s Nigerian money,” said one follower. “This is so deceptive. When you translate that into US dollars, it’s roughly equivalent to $ 125K, which is significantly LESS than that number, “wrote another.

The rapper “I Love You” has appeared on Cameo since making his debut in season 4 of TLC’s hit TV series 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days in February 2020 with her love interest, Lisa “Baby Girl Lisa” Robinson (born Hamme). At the time, the couple were dating remotely after meeting online, and they were documenting their first meeting in person. At the end of their season, they were engaged and even got married in the finale.

But their relationship quickly fell apart and their drama unfolded on social media as their episodes aired. In December 2020, SojaBoy exclusively confirmed a In contact who filed for divorce from Lisa, 52, after less than a year of marriage.

The “Fire” rapper is back in the franchise on 90-day boyfriend: Before 90 days season 5 with his new “potential” girlfriend, Kim, in December 2021. As for Lisa, she too went ahead and married her husband Tracey Robinson in April 2021.

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