Snow Woke and the Seven Dwarfs – Bill’s Message of the Day

My favorite awake company, Disney, is remaking “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Can you really still say the word “dwarf”? It turns out you can. But not the word “nano”. That’s gone, baby, gone.

But let’s get back to Snow White. Let’s talk about white privilege. Cabbage. This young woman may need to change her name. And what about the seven kids? Where is the diversity?

This is not a joke, as President Biden might say. Is actor Peter Dinklage, himself a dwarf, telling Disney that they had better update the story to reflect today’s standards?

Uh Oh.

So maybe we change the name to Snow White and the Seven Binary People?

Or do it in a western. Snow White and the Magnificent Seven.

How about, Snow White teaches younger kids about inclusion and patriarchy, including the prince who may be canceled.

Wait, that title might be too long.

Whatever Disney decides, you know it’s going to be PC. And I am available to write the script by consulting Mr. Dinklage, of course.

And I promise not to make the movie stupid or sleepy. He won’t be shy or grumpy, even if they are. He’ll be happy and if one of the characters gets sneezed, he’ll see the doc right away!

There you have it, I just named all seven dwarves. Could you do it?

And I assure you, if I write the script for Disney, they will all kneel during the national anthem.

See you tonight for the No Spin News.

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