Sister Wives’ Christine Takes Truely on Flagstaff Road Trip After Kody Split

Sisters Wives star Christine Brown revealed that she and her youngest daughter, Truely, are about to go on a trip to Arizona and North Carolina following the separation of her mother of six from her longtime husband Brown codes.

“Trip to Flagstaff with this lovely guy! Actually and I will be in Flagstaff until Saturday, then we will visit [my] children in North Carolina, “Christine, 49, shared in a Facebook post Tuesday Jan.4, telling her followers that she plans to return to Utah around Jan.22.” Crazy. Long. Voyage. But FULL of FAMILY TIME !! ”

Courtesy of Christine Brown / Instagram

It appears that Christine will be staying at her polygamous family property over the weekend following her move to the town of Murray, a few weeks before the announcement of her and Kody’s separation on November 2.

In contact confirmed that she moved to a duplex in Utah in October 2021, describing herself as a “single woman” in the deed for her new home that appears to be a rental after selling her former home in Flagstaff.

After visiting loved ones in Arizona, they will venture to North Carolina, where Christine and Kody’s 18-year-old daughter Ysabel now lives with Janelle Brownthe daughter of Maddie brush (nee Brown) and her family.

During the last episode of Sisters WivesChristine, Janelle, 52, and Kody, 52, disagreed on the coronavirus pandemic and the guidelines they had put in place for the brood before and during the holidays.

Christine Brown really takes her daughter on a road trip to Flagstaff after Kody Split moves to Utah
Courtesy of Truely Brown / Instagram; Shutterstock (insert)

Christine argued that Kody was “irresponsible” as the “head” of the brood by ignoring “half of her family” and not seeing them “at all” for her concerns.

However, Kody had previously defended his strict protocol during a teasing scene that aired in December. “You’re in and you’re meeting our standard,” he said, putting his foot down on the matter. “Or I’m not walking around.”

“Plural marriage is a struggle. It’s a difficult thing, “continued Kody.” I’m not the head of this family. You know, I’m the head of the family. [in] some places, they’re not right here. And that’s not the deal we made when we got married. “

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