Sister Wives’ Christine Calls Kody Irresponsible, Janelle Drops F Bomb

While Thanksgiving has come and gone a long time ago for the rest of us, fans orf Sister Mogli got to see all the drama go down over the holidays in between Brown codes, his wives and their children in the episode of Sunday 2 January 2022. Christine And Janelle they chose to be with their children without Kody, which led to a lot of tension and an “F” bomb being thrown.

As viewers have seen, since the blockade, Kody has not allowed his sister wives and their children to mingle with each other other than their immediate families. Instead, travel between homes for visits.

wives Robyn, 43 and Maria, 50, has chosen to spend the holidays with Kody, 52, and to abide by the strict guidelines on the pandemic he has established. She noted, “I’m making all the sacrifices and asking everyone else to simply fulfill that level of sacrifice so that the family can exist,” when it came to what Janelle has already described as her “uber, uber, super attentive position. “

However, Christine, 49, who announced her split from Kody on November 2 after more than 25 years together, said she would do things her way over the holidays. He planned to spend Thanksgiving with their daughter, Aspyn, in Utah. Janelle, 52, also wanted to be with her grown children, Garrison, 23, and Gabriel, 20, instead of with Kody.

Kody didn’t take too well two of his wives who chose to be with their kids instead of him. “Everyone says they want to get back together, but Christine has made it clear to me now that she’d rather be with Aspyn and Mitch than me,” she told the producers during a confessional. Kody added: “And Janelle is indicating by her actions that she would rather have [her sons] around me.”

He gathered all four of his wives to talk about vacation plans, but Janelle thought he was “condescending” and later said she could “fk off. “

“I no longer tell you how to live your life. You are independent women. I would ask you to seriously consider a much larger image, the image I need to see, ”she explained to the women about her ultra-strict COVID-19 holiday protocol.

“No guilt, just a little sting in your conscience and you guys decide what to do. I’m not going to tell this family how to do it. I’m going to lead the way which I think is the right way, “added Kody. Christine let him know that she” 100 percent [has] a clear conscience “. In a confessional, he said of Kody, “I’m pretty sure it’s a journey of guilt,” of his speech to wives and added, “If he wants me to make a choice between him and my kids, my kids will win every one. only once. “

Christine let him know that she “100 percent [has] a clear conscience “. In a confessional, she said of Kody: “I’m pretty sure it’s a sense of guilt,” about her speech on the rules of pandemic holidays to wives and added, “If he wants me to make a choice between him and my children. , my kids will win every single time. “

Christine also called Kody’s ultimatum about being around certain children and not others for the holidays “irresponsible”. He explained in a confessional: “If he is the father of all these children, whatever. Everyone has to make their own choices, he does too.”

Janelle murmured her dirty word to Kody as she emerged from the tense encounter. “I’m between a rock and a hard place here. I have to make sure my kids are safe, my kids are mentally well, I’m giving them the best chance. Besides, I have to choose these rules that the family has [for COVID-19], which are not very different from my rules. I’m stuck, “she explained, adding.” I’m stuck here and I don’t want to go through Thanksgiving alone. My family is all in quarantine, I’m not dangerous here. “

As fans who follow women’s Instagram accounts know, Christine spent Thanksgiving with her mother, Ruth Ann LeBaron, and Truely, her youngest daughter with Kody. They wore matching pajamas as they stood in front of a newly erected Christmas tree, enjoying their first Thanksgiving after officially parting ways with Kody just a few weeks earlier.

Janelle also rejected Kody during the 2021 holidays. “He had almost all of my kids home for Christmas,” he captioned a photo of himself along with five of his six children that he shares with Kody.

Sisters Wives airs on TLC Sundays at 10pm ET / PT.

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