Shaquille O’Neal shoots viral shot to get back at Candace Parker

Shaquille O'Neal, extraordinary shot.

Shaquille O’Neal, extraordinary shot.
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For the avid NBA fan, the stars shone the most during the league’s Christmas Day match streak, though some were missing in action due to the covid. Retired NBA stars also joined the action over the holiday weekend and shone too. Lakers legend and NBA analyst on TNT Shaquille O’Neal have posted a video that has now gone viral of him shooting and downloading what looks like a 50-60 foot three-point.

Only Shaq, the person who shot the video, and the others present know how many attempts it took to sink this sweater. If I were a gambler, I would feel confident enough to bet a large sum of money that this shot, unlike a Jay-Z verse, wasn’t done in one go. The shot is respectable regardless of the form, but I guess it can be given the great Shaqtus a pass since his game was never built on shooting. O’Neal shot 52.7% from the free throw line during his NBA career, which lasted nearly two decades.

No one knows why O’Neal bounced back while shooting this absurdly long field, but it may have something to do with the WNBA and TNT star. analyst Candace Parker. While replacing Charles Barkley over the holiday week, Parker called Shaq’s BS on his shooting prowess. Then, of course, they took him to court and allowed O’Neal to embarrass himself. After analyzing the Lakers-Sun highlights, O’Neal said he wasn’t going to be 1 in 13 by pulling three wide open, and Parker seemed baffled by the comment.

True to his word, O’Neal didn’t score 1 in 13 from behind the arc on the TNT studio field. He only missed his first seven shots before hitting the eighth and quitting while he was leading. although the the shape remembers, Shaq is not Larry Lend. But it’s pretty impressive to see the big man clear such a deep shot even though it took eight tries. Whether it’s Barkley or Parker, one of them should always be on set with O’Neal just to keep his exaggerations in check.


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