See the First Look at Two Horrifying New Oxygen True Crime Originals

This holiday season, real criminal pleasure awaits us.

AND! News is unveiling an exclusive first look at two new Oxygen series—The real Atlanta murders And Killer relationship—Both premiered on Sunday 16th January.

In the mood for The real Orange County murders, spin off Atlanta will portray shocking murder cases that “highlight the boundaries between the gentrified southern dynasties, hip hop traffickers and the flashy new riches of this metropolitan mecca of music, entertainment and technology,” according to an official description of the series.

As the exclusive trailer below teases, “Some people will kill for some southern hospitality.”

The “dark side of the new South” is the breeding ground for horrific crimes, like Real murders uncovers murder cases stranger than fiction. Investigations including deceased judges, racketeering charges and bloody fingerprints all pointing to murder.

The 10-episode season includes spotlight episodes like “Blunt Instrument,” when a tech tycoon is found beaten to death in his palatial Roswell home and all clues point to a lover as despised as the suspect; “Blood Feud”, which investigates the execution of the emerging rapper Lil ‘Phat; “A Deadly Union” double murder of two Lockheed employees; and “Final Judgment” with the death of a prominent judge in which any previous case he ruled on could be linked to the crime.

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