See Photos of ‘Counting On’ Alum Jana Duggar’s Style Evolution From 2004 to Now

Like a good wine, Jana Duggar it continues to improve with age. The splendid Counting on alum – who turned 31 in January 2021 – has come a long way from boxy schoolgirl uniforms to chic dresses and stylish hats.

That said, it still leans towards the conservative. In 2013, mom Michelle Duggar explained the reasoning behind the famous family modest dress code.

“After I was born again and became a Christian, I really started hiding. I felt like the Lord was saying to me, ‘You know what, you probably shouldn’t be wearing this. It’s a little low-cut, or a little too high, you know? ‘ I really felt like I had to first obey what God was telling me and understand afterwards, “the former cheerleader said during a Questions and answers on TLC. “And then I saw many things in the scriptures that helped me understand why I felt uncomfortable with my previous clothing choices.”

It appears that Jana followed in the footsteps of her famous mother, choosing to hide rather than show off. In August 2019, the reality girl was caught photographing two strangers in the background of her photo, who clearly didn’t meet the Duggars’ standards of modesty.

“Oh … [You] altered this photo to make the girls behind you wear modest clothes, “accused one commentator.” I noticed that too, “replied another.” It’s amazing how the standard for girls [are] ridiculously high while ‘the boys will be just’ boys’ ”. A third added: “Don’t think people are blind enough to fall in love with your Photoshop joke. If you can’t handle the clothes other people are wearing, then stop going out in public. Or at least cut them out of your photo instead of indirectly shaming them and not respecting them. “

These days, however, Jana seems to have relaxed a little. She recently rocked her heels on the gram and (gasp!) also wore a pair of pants.

Keep scrolling to see the complete evolution of Jana’s style, from 2004 to today.

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