See all the amazing outfits Miley Cyrus pulled off during her NBC New Year’s Eve Party

Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s party Broadcast live on NBC from Miami, it was truly a smash hit and the perfect way to play in 2022 for the network. The Hannah Montana star and his co-host, Pete Davidson, had a hugely successful show, being the second most watched program, attracting 6.3 million viewers just before the stroke of midnight.

During the show, Miley had several dress changes which she performed flawlessly, while still looking truly spectacular. The 29-year-old pop singer also had a wardrobe malfunction, which she saved like a pro by holding the top before it fell off and then getting a red blazer jacket she got backstage from a previous performance. He followed up with a line “I’m still in most of the clothes I wore on stage”.

Our favorite outfit was the one she wore on a cover of Dolly Partonit’s “Jolene” with her sister Noah Cyrus, who joined her on stage.

Scroll below to see all the outfits Miley wore to her New Year’s Eve party so you can see which one you love the most!

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