Sayani Gupta is Making all the Right Fashion Choices, See Pics

Style is a reflection of one’s attitude and personality. Sayani Gupta’s choices in movies and fashion are a window into who he is. Very unpredictable and eclectic, Sayani’s sartorial choices speak the same language if one scrolls through his filmography. The actress, who in a short space of time gave memorable performances in a wide range of projects, won the favor of viewers and critics. Speaking of her style, she likes to give it all but keep it elegant and edgy at the same time.

Her latest outfit was a refreshing take on luxury fashion. Sayani wore a satin bralette and a layered mini skirt topped with a sleeveless vest with long cuffs, all in a cool shade of gray. Despite the subdued shade, the ensemble has an impact for its construction and pairing. Not to forget, Sayani’s bold short hair totally changes the vibe of the frame.

To attend the 1983 premiere, Sayani boldly dressed in black. She wore a risqué suit that included a cut at the waist. The black strappy dress also featured a plunging neckline.

The star often likes to experiment and go OTT with her outfit choice. For example, the black and white sari dress she wore recently. The deconstructed monochromatic ensemble arrived with applique and a red accent.

If you follow Sayani on social media, you will observe that he has a penchant for the color white. We’ve also seen her sporting an extra love of pants lately. Look:

We are so thankful that Sayani inspired us to wear the sari differently. The actress draped a sari over a black lace corset and twisted the pallu around her torso and secured it with a sash.

And here’s what Sayani looks like when the girl in her is in the mood for some gaiety and weirdness:

Which of Sayani’s looks is your favorite?

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