‘SATC’ Author Candace Bushnell Reflects on Revival Fashion 

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Tear off for the tutu. There is no shortage of incredible (and controversial) fashion moments. That’s it, but there is one look in particular that he got Sex and city author Canda Bushnell all emotional.

On a Thursday, January 13, interview with Page six, the 63-year-old reporter revealed he saw Carrie Bradshaw’s [Sarah Jessica Parker] tutu reinvented in action made her cry. “When Carrie put on the white tutu, I was really moved,” she said. “That was really one of my favorite moments.” Parker first wore a shorter, pink tutu in the opening credits of the original series.

“Carrie is back in her old apartment with all her old clothes … which is something I really understand,” she continued. “At a certain age, shop vintage in your closet.”

SJP recreates one of the most iconic Carrie Sarah Jessica Parker Tutu dresses
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Bushnell isn’t the only creative from the original series to weigh on the revival. The original costume designer, Patrizia Campo, he had previously given her two cents on the show’s fashion in a December 2021 interview with The times of Sunday.

“I like it a little, I don’t like everything,” she said in the interview, noting that she knows what the current costume designer is. Molly Rogers is “to face”.

Fields went on to clarify, “Well, I know those girls! Sarah Jessica thinks she knows everything – and she does. Cinzia Nixon thinks he knows everything – and doesn’t know! Even today, when I talk to Molly, it’s about Cynthia. I say, ‘I remember what you are going through.’ “

Comments on Nixon’s personality in the locker room have become quite the topic of conversation between Sex and city fan. So much so that Rogers continued to deal with the claims.

“A lot of really skilled actors and actresses have been in the industry for so long that they have a shortcut … to say, ‘Oh, it’s not going to work,’ because you’ve just been prepared enough to know,” he said. WWD. “For us, everyone was so excited to be back that it was like the best reunion ever in high school. Everyone was just ready to get there. “

In mind, the Rogers, along with costume designer Danny Santiago, have faced their fair share of showbiz fashion criticism. The biggest saga happened when fans mistakenly identified one of Carrie’s outfits as Forever 21. “I was pissed off,” Roger said We weekly about the reaction. “It was the first thing that really came up and it was negative.”

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