Safaree Is Bothered by Kanye West’s Latest Fashion Choices

Kanye West is arguably a fashion icon, but fellow rapper Safaree is worried about his new style.

On Thursday (Dec 30), Safaree popped on Twitter and offered her thoughts on Yeezy’s latest fashion picks. “I’ve always been a fan of Kanye, but I really hate how he’s dressed for the past 2 years. She was a source of inspiration with clothes and jewelry. Now this guy just wears hoodies and black gloves and it bothers me, ”he tweeted, adding laughing emojis.

The Love and hip hop The reality star might be referring to Ye’s latest style of hoodies, gloves, and knee-high boots he’s been sporting lately. We haven’t even forgotten the Chicago rapper who wore those weird face masks in October. And, of course, there was her quirky haircut.

However, R&B singer-songwriter Tank jumped into the comments section of an Instagram post about Safaree’s observations of Ye’s fashion choices. It seems the “I Deserve” singer felt Safaree shouldn’t have commented on Kanye’s style as he never launched a clothing line or secured a clothing deal.

“The guy says with no clothing line, no clothing endorsements, and absolutely no fashion sense,” Tank wrote in the comments, adding two laughing emojis.

Safaree didn’t hesitate to answer the veteran singer. He wrote: “@therealtank hey, I’m a fan of yours … now you suck”, with three tired-faced emojis to emphasize his retort.

Love it or hate it, Kanye West has always been a trendsetter when it comes to fashion.

Check out some of Kanye West’s 2021 fashion picks below.

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