Romelu Lukaku: Chelsea striker makes public apology and returns to training ahead of Tottenham Carabao Cup clash | Football News

Romelu Lukaku says it is up to him to “restore confidence” after publicly apologizing to Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel, his teammates and club fans for his recent interview.

Tuchel confirmed on Tuesday that Lukaku is vying to return for Chelsea in Wednesday’s Carabao Cup semi-final against Tottenham, after breaking the club’s record by signing for Sunday’s 2-2 Premier League match with Liverpool.

In an interview broadcast by Heaven in Italy, Lukaku said he was unhappy with the situation at Chelsea and indicated he had problems with Tuchel’s style of play.

“To the fans, I’m sorry for the upset I caused,” Lukaku said in an interview on the club’s website.

“Guys, you know the connection I have with this club since my teens, so I totally understand that you are upset.

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The Transfer Show’s Dharmesh Sheth and Kaveh Solhekol have their say on Lukaku’s public apology

“Of course now it’s my turn to restore your confidence and I will do my best to show commitment every day on the pitch and in matches, trying to make sure I win matches.

“And also to the coach, I apologize, and also to my teammates and the advice, because I think it was not the right time and I want to move on from this and make sure that we will start winning football matches and that Mi I perform for the team in the best possible way “.

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Lukaku told Sky in Italy in December that he was not “happy” with the situation at Chelsea and spoke of the prospect of returning to Inter.

‘Lukaku determined to clear up the mess’

Tuchel had clear talks with Lukaku on Monday and said the striker feels responsible and determined to “clean up the mess”. The Chelsea manager has confirmed his club record of £ 97.5m is back on the squad for training ahead of the Spurs visit.

“First of all, we were also happy that we took the time to calmly look at him and speak calmly,” said Tuchel.

“He apologized and returned to the squad for today’s training [session] after.

“We’ve had enough time to clear the air and move on.

“For me, the most important thing was to understand and understand clearly and believe it was not intentional.

“He didn’t do it intentionally to create noise in front of such an important match.”

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Tuchel reveals that Lukaku will be fined

Tuchel praised the “close relationship” he has with Chelsea’s board after smoothing out Lukaku’s plight and revealed that the Belgian international will be fined for taking part in the interview.

Chelsea managers are faring worse and worse amid disharmony with the board, but Tuchel has forged strong ties with directors Petr Cech and Marina Granovskaia.

Now that the hard work and cooperative spirit seem to have paid off, Tuchel has received justification for his strong position.

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Tuchel says Lukaku apologized and returned to squad for Carabao Cup semi-final against Tottenham

“There will be some disciplinary action,” Tuchel said. “Something has happened, he will be fined and, of course, he has to accept it.

“It’s not about getting my opinions through or the club about getting their opinions through. We are adults and we reflect the situation.

“The more the story went on, I had a clear opinion and was happy that it was good for the club.

“We have a very open and close relationship and we can find very quick solutions, without any political interference, putting aside any disturbing factors and looking only at the isolated issue. We started from there.

“It was very nice to be a part of it. Between Petr, Marina and me, it was very calm, fast and open.”

“Lukaku can’t expect everyone to be super happy”

While Tuchel is happy to have Lukaku back in contention for selection, the German manager also insisted that the former Inter Milan forward must now take responsibility for resolving the hustle and bustle.

He added: “Maybe we will still have some more smell, of course. He can handle it, but he has no other choice.

“Can’t expect everyone to be super happy the next day.

“But he is still our player and we have good, good reasons and many reasons to make him play for us, and to convince him and to fight hard that he is our player. We are happy that he is our player, we will protect him.”

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Solhekol: As for Tuchel, Lukaku’s situation is over now

Kaveh Solhekol of Sky Sports News on the Transfer Show:

“I don’t think it was the kind of meeting where Lukaku was scolded by Tuchel. Of course, Tuchel and Chelsea are unhappy with what happened, but I think the purpose of the meeting was to hear what Lukaku had to say, listen his side of the story and take it from there.

“What’s significant is that Lukaku apologized. He said he regretted what he did, he made a mistake and he should never have said what he did.

“And to be honest with Tuchel, he accepted it right away. We’ve heard him say in the past that he has no problem with people who make mistakes, as long as they raise their hands, accept responsibly and learn from them.

“That’s what happened in this case. Tuchel and Chelsea will always try to support their players and protect them. As for Tuchel, it’s over now.

“Now it is time for Lukaku to let his football speak and it will be interesting to see if he will be starter against Spurs tomorrow night.”

What did Lukaku say in the controversial interview?

In a 29 minute interview with Heaven in Italy recorded in early December, Lukaku said he was not “happy” with his situation at Chelsea, questioned Tuchel’s system and revealed that he had refused to move to Manchester City in 2020.

“Physically I’m doing great. I’m not very happy with the situation, but it’s normal,” said Lukaku. “I think the coach has decided to play with a different formation, but I have to keep him and move forward professionally.

“I’m not happy with the situation but it’s my job and I don’t have to give up.

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Tuchel says comments made by Lukaku in a previous interview about his place on the team weren’t helpful, but may have been taken out of context.

“When I was at Inter, at the end of the first year, I turned down an offer from Manchester City which this summer was higher than Chelsea’s.

“So the second year after winning the Scudetto, I went to talk to the club managers and asked for a new contract. I did it because I told myself I’m 28, my family is fine at Milan, I still have my apartment there, my mother and son could come and live there and we would all feel comfortable.

“But they didn’t want to extend my contract, there was no possibility. For me it was hard to accept, because in my head I told myself that I could do a few more years at Milan.”

“In my opinion, there are three absolute best teams in football: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Every player dreams of playing for one of these teams someday. So I figured if I ever got that chance, I would sign a new one. contract with Inter and then I go there.

“But it didn’t happen, so I told myself there is only one team I could see myself at, Chelsea. I didn’t think I would go there, but at some point they came for me and so I asked [Inter boss Simone] Inzaghi to leave.

“The fact that they didn’t try to get me to sign a new contract bothered me a little, it also hurt me. If Inter had offered me a new contract, I would have stayed 100%. It goes without saying.”

Souness: Lukaku has more than crossed the finish line | Nev: Love story over

Graeme Souness says Lukaku needs to apologize to his teammates after the comments he made in his Heaven in Italy interview led Tuchel to drop the striker against Liverpool.

However, fellow expert Gary Neville says an apology isn’t necessary if Lukaku is telling the truth, but he has to work hard to win back the trust of his manager and fans in what is now “rather than a romance, a transactional relationship “.

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Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink discuss next steps for Lukaku’s redemption at Chelsea after the Belgian was eliminated in Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Liverpool after comments made in an interview

Lukaku said he hoped to return to Inter soon because he wasn’t happy with how Tuchel was using him.

Sky Sports expert Souness described Lukaku’s decision to say those things as “ridiculous and harmful” and argued Tuchel for leaving the £ 97.5 million striker out, despite the enormity of the game.

In the end, Chelsea drew 2-2 with Liverpool, a result that really benefits only Premier League leaders Manchester City.

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Gary Neville says Lukaku should apologize to his Chelsea teammates for the disruption his recent comments have caused to their preparations for the match against Liverpool

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