Robyn Brown Says Kody Won’t Be ‘Run by His Wives’ Amid Family Drama

Robyn Brown she defended herself later Meri Brown teased her for inventing the “rules” their polygamous family had for social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic in a new tense Sisters Wives peek.

Kody, 52, and her four spouses, including Janelle And Christine Brown, gathered to discuss how to proceed for the holidays when the topic arose.

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“That’s not how a family is. Families don’t distance themselves socially, “Christine, 49, told the producers in the video obtained by Us Weekly Wednesday, December 22, noting that they should all revisit the topic. “We are not a family right now.”

During the meeting outside their Flagstaff, Arizona property, Kody then talked about how he and Robyn, 43, created rules for their nanny before handing out a copy to each of his wives. “You know, those rules you invented?” Meri told Robyn with a laugh, before adding, “I’m just kidding!”

Robyn didn’t take the joke well, telling the group, “I’ll just say it out loud. I know everyone suspects me. Please stop. Don’t be suspicious. Realize that Kody has made these rules. “

Among his four wives, Kody has a total of 18 children, both of whom said they wanted to keep in mind. Meri, 50, talked about how she was just trying to tease in a confessional, revealing that she didn’t know he was going to be so “touchy” for Kody and Robyn.

“The fact that he [Kody] I don’t understand that I will defend Robyn all day, every day after a decade or more of knowing her is really sad – that she has absolutely no idea, “continued the owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Kody and Robyn said Meri shouldn’t take their reaction personally, explaining that they wanted to clear the air before it caused further division in the family. Robyn insisted she had to “correct” some “misunderstandings” about her oversight of the social distancing rules.

When one of the boys called her to talk about it, Robyn said: “I pointed out very specifically that their father, Kody, is not someone to be handled by one of his wives.”

Robyn Brown Tells Her Children Husband Kody will not be handled by his wives in Sister Wives Sneak Peek
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In the December 5 episode, Christine talked about their stressful family dynamic and admitted that she and Kody had been “struggling for a while.” The couple have since announced their separation as season 16 episodes continue to air.

“He’s having one problem after another with them, and besides, they’re not working with him on some things, so he can’t go see him that much,” explained Robyn about the split in their polygamous brood. “Because I stick to what it wants to do regarding COVID, I see it more.”

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