Rivals Rankings Week: Texas leads the way in producing Rivals250 talent

The Rivals Rankings week for the 2022 class included a new Rivals250 and location rankings revealed earlier this week. We conclude the week of the rankings today with the spotlight on the new state rankings for the class of 2022.

1. Texas – 41

The Lone Star State had 41 prospects in the Rivals250 last spring and held that number until the early subscription period. In addition to having the most overall players in the top 250, Texas has 15 players in the Rivals100. Headliners in this group are quarterback Cade Klubnik, attacking tackle Kelvin Banks, corner Denver Harris and guard Devon Campbell.

Frequent flyer miles are still being spent by college programs in hopes of landing Texas’ best players. Banks, Harris, and Campbell have not announced to the public that they are unleashing intrigue in the recruiting universe. So far, Texas A&M and Texas have gotten the vast majority of the best recruits in the area.

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2. Florida – 33

Kamari Wilson (Rivals.com)

Going head-to-head against the Texas prospects, there are other Rivals100 prospects coming out of the Sunshine State (16). The list of Florida perspectives ranked in their respective spots extends from 100 nationwide to 109.

Florida recruiting contests are still open with fantastic players in all positions. What recruits such as offensive tackle Julian Armella, safety Kamari Wilson, end Shemar Stewart and athlete Azareyeh Thomas do will not only greatly affect the team’s final standings, but will influence wins and losses on the pitch for years to come.

RANKING UPDATE: 2022 ranking of the state of Florida


3. Georgia – 25

Peach State has an impressive roster of 25 prospects in Rivals250, 11 of which are in the top 100. That roster extends to include a total of 83 Georgia nationally ranked players in their given position. Florida state athlete Travis Hunter retained his post. Far defender Mykel Williams, attacking tackle Elijah Pritchett, quarterback Gunner Stockton and athlete Malaki Starks were among the nation’s most coveted players.

Upsets can happen, but by looking strictly at uncommitted talent, there is little gain left. Among those available, Cedar Grove defensive tackle Christen Miller and tight end Oconee Conty Jake Johnson are the four stars looking to their next level.

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4. California – 15

Jackson tomorrow

Tomorrow Jackson (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

California’s golden era as one of the top high school talent producers may be on the slide, but there is still an incredible abundance of elite players across the state. There are 15 prospects from California inducted into Rivals250 with 51 state talents ranked in their position on the national stage. Thanks to a well-developed 7v7 scene, California is packed with skill players on both sides of the ball. Are you looking for a quarterback, a catcher and / or a defensive back? This is the place to find it.

Heading into the early signup period, college programs have done a great job shutting down 2022 players. But there are still some national players who have yet to make a decision in California. What cornerback Tomorrow Jackson, guard Earnest Greene and defensive tackle Hero Kanu decide to do will have a big impact on their respective schedules.

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5. Louisiana – 14

Walker Howard

Walker Howard (Nick Lucero / Rivals.com)

From five to three stars, Louisiana is full of outstanding athletic players. Little shy of crawling beyond California as one of the most influential recruiting states for college talent, Louisiana has skill players who change the game to the next level. Quarterback Walker Howard and safety Jacoby Mathews get most of the attention, but the list of potential talent from all conferences includes 13 four-star players with a total of 32 prospects ranked in their nationwide position.

Whether a decision is made early or postponed to National Signing Day, Louisiana is a focal point for college coaches. The list of undecided differences creators includes safety Jacoby Mathews, defensive end Quency Wiggins, running back Trevonte ‘Citizen, receiver Shazz Preston, back handyman Trevor Etienne and safety Austin Ausberry.

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Noteworthy: Alabama – 12

The state of Alabama has produced a significant amount of potential Rivals250 with 12. Alabama has produced 13 four-star players with 29 nationally ranked talent. Crimson Tides secured verbal commitments from final Jeremiah Alexander, athlete Emmanuel Henderson, safety Trequon Fegans, linebacker Robert Woodyard and safety Antonio Kite.

But Florida State got defensive tackle Antavious Woody while Texas put an end to Justice Finkley. All eyes will be on linebacker Shemar James, defensive tackle Khurtiss Perry and outside linebacker TJ Dudley over the next few days.

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