Reopened recruiting, four-star Jaron Willis has SEC and ACC in-home visits

Tenacity for a small group of college football coaches is paying off for Georgia four-star outside linebacker Jaron Willis as the early acquisition period approaches. The Lee County High School talent reopened his recruiting process on December 9 after verbally committed to Georgia Tech in May. With an open opportunity, the defensive coordinators are attacking.

Georgia Tech fans may be on pins and needles waiting to see if they can get Willis back into the mix, but other loyalists are now daydreaming of that possibility. Willis shared which schools are looking for him.

“Arkansas, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, they’re still calling me, Auburn and Mississippi State,” Willis said. “Everyone is trying to push their latest effort into it.”

Four teams traveled to the Leesburg area for home visits.

“Ole Miss had a home surgery, Georgia Tech, Arkansas did one Thursday, and Florida State, too,” Willis said.

Willis explained how three of the home visits went:

State of Florida: “It went well. I talked to manager (Chris) Marve (LB) and (head) manager (Mike) Novell. They had a good chat. We talked about how they would use me in defense and how perfect I am for they”.

Arkansas: “It went well. Coach (Scott) Fountain (HC assist) and I had one of those talks. He explained how Arkansas works and how much of a priority I am. He wants me to have the opportunity to play.” in Arkansas “.

Mississippi: “It went well. I really like Ole Miss. I also like Arkansas. Ole Miss’s visit was pleasant. Coach (Chris) Partridge (co-DC) and I talked about how he would use me in defense. Not they see me only as a student, but also as a student-athlete “.

No other home visits are planned for now. There are also no campus visits.

When Willis makes his final decision, it will be based on established relationships, official visits to Florida State, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Georgia Tech over the summer, and internal meetings.

Willis shared that he will sign on December 15th. Before the rest of us find out, that lucky program will already know.

“I’ll let the coaches know before I announce my engagement so they can send me the documents to sign,” Willis said.

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