Ranking all the dumb things Urban Meyer did in his first year at Jacksonville

Urban Meyer has done so many stupid things this year that it’s easy to lose count.
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Not sure who ordered the hit on Urban Meyer, but NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero went to No Country for Old Coaches on the Jacksonville Jaguars boss on Saturday morning delivering a devastating indictment of his first and possibly last year at the helm of the team. The piece feels more like an accusation, using bullet points to list Meyer’s transgressions in just the past two weeks, plus the usual “He’s 2-10 and lost his dressing room” stuff you find in a story about a coach. in difficulty.

Instead of doing the same thing that Pelissero did and aiming at the bullet all of Meyer’s “idiot asshole” behavior (his words, not mine) – a convenient format to be sure – I’ll go one step further and classify them from most idiot “assholes” idiot “idiot asshole.” Think of the idiot of the month, but with the specific idiot of an idiot.

They would have been called shootable offenses, however, Jags Shad Khan owner’s loyalty appears to be a more fatal flaw than his over-prominent mustache as he has given long leashes to bad trainers like Gus Bradley and Doug Marrone, and it seems he wants to give more time. even to another bad coach.

As you’ll soon read, there are a number of things Meyer did that the Jags could use to fire him with just cause / no pay, but apparently Khan is convinced it takes time to build culture because that’s what worked for. him in the car bumper industry. I’m on the side of patience too, however there is a limit, my boy, and testing those limits with a talent like Trevor Lawrence is incredibly irresponsible.

Well, in Cleveland.

6. Recognize that the team has favored vaccinated players in the reductions – Probably a lot of coaches did it because being vaccinated is cool, but Urban is the only one who spied on himself. You cannot actively admit your prejudices towards a certain staff. Come on, this is NFL 101. All biases must be stated in emails prior to hiring so they can be used to fire you later.

5. Violating the rules of organized team activity – The NFL fined Meyer $ 100,000 and the Jaguars $ 200,000 for not knowing the rules of the OTA. It sounds pretty mean and it may have been an honest mistake made by a guy who graduated from college to the NFL, but I’m supposed to make jokes about Meyer, so we’ll call that intentional and nefarious ruler by a self-centered one.

4. Alienating receiving group – There are more players angry at Meyer than just receivers, so Marvin Jones left the facility because he was done with the coach’s public and private criticism of the receiving body, team officials begging him to come back, him returning and argued with Meyer during practice is not the only example, it is just more palatable than the next.

3. Whatever is going on with James Robinson – The running back was put on the bench after tinkering at the start of the defeat against the Rams which is normal until it is discovered that Meyer had the running back manager stop Robinson from rejoining the game and he is stuck with his ex Buckeye Carlos Hyde until Lawrence confronted the head coach about it. The rookie quarterback has had enough problems on the pitch, so you’d think it would be, I don’t know, beneficial that when he gets to the sidelines he can ask questions and receive coaching instead of mediating conflicts.

2. Abuse / belittle technical staff – During a staff meeting, Meyer allegedly said he was a winner and his coaching staff of losers, challenging each to come up with their … resume. In addition to that contest, he also lost a couple of guys to outside jobs, one for personal reasons and another because he was the racist strength coach of the Iowa soccer scandal and he had to resign after the team was called in for his hiring.

1. Being an “asshole idiot” – We all knew what number one would be. Going viral for making a woman feel like she’s not your wife in a steakhouse after your team flew ahead following a loss in the midst of a losing streak is more than acting like an “idiot asshole”, which is that. who defined himself during his mea culpa speech to his team. I won’t act like he’s the first coach to step on his wife, but he’s her face. If this happened to another coach – you’d be surprised if there was footage of Jon Gruden eating more than he can eat at a Las Vegas buffet – people would call it an “Urban” pull.

Good luck playing long with this idiot asshole, Mr. Khan.


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