[Photo News] Fashion show interprets era of uncertainty

Maison Schiaparelli’s Spring / Summer 2022 show, held on January 24 in Paris, showed an artistic interpretation of this era of uncertainty.

Entitled “An Age of Discipline”, creative director Daniel Roseberry has created a collection consisting of just three colors: black, white and gold, the signature of the Schiaparelli Maison.

Roseberry explained that the simple use of colors ties into the current era of uncertainty and exhaustion. On the brand’s official website, he said: “I realized that what was exciting right now was something different, something withheld. Suddenly, the color seemed wrong to me. So did the volume. All the tricks that stylists (myself included) use to communicate grandeur and craftsmanship – large silhouettes, glorious fabric ottomans, enormous volume – seemed empty. “

“Instead, I wanted to see if we could achieve the same kind of drama and otherworldly without relying on those tropes. All we needed, I realized, was black, white and gold, but it wasn’t so much a return to basics as a move towards the elemental. “

The simple, bespoke silhouettes and elaborate details of the gilded structures exude an ethereal and magical effect, exhibiting an impressive balance of simplicity and complexity.

By Park Jin (jinpower@heraldcorp.com)


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