Philipp Plein Remains Fashion’s Undisputed Master of Cringe

Philipp Plein, who is essentially two tiny financial brothers stacked in an unsuitable suit, won’t stop doing what he does best: putting sequins on things and posting about his flamboyant mansion, “Chateau Falconview,” on Philipp’s official instagram. Plein.

The 43-year-old just debuted his Pre-Fall 2022 womenswear collection consisting of dazzling dresses suitable for the Bat Mitzvah season in Orlando, leopard-print lined down jackets and, for some reason, jeggings.

The completely ridiculous collection also introduced Plein’s first line of costume jewelery, a series of faux gold chains that would have made Coco Chanel, the godmother of costume jewelery, swoon.

Speaking of people Plein’s latest releases would offend, it seems the German designer looked to Daniel Lee to inspire a bag that is essentially a cross between Bottega Veneta’s Cassette bag and the Chain Pouch.

Other highlights from Pre-Fall 2022: a maxi dress with cut-outs on the thigh and calf (Plein sure knows how to flatter a woman’s body!), Outerwear and shoppers scribbled with Basquiat-style illustrations and faux fur coats printed with Plein’s nom de guerre: PP.

In an interview with WWD, Plein said the season was aimed at “having items that people can actually wear”, suitable for “real women, not just 20-year-old Instagram models or influencers.”

Has the awakening finally come for Plein, who once put a reporter to shame for a negative review?

The highlight of the chat, however, is the eloquent summary of client designer Philipp Plein: “Our woman either goes to the gym and goes out with her friends at home or goes to parties”.


In the interview, Plein reveals his plans to open a hotel, club and restaurant in Milan while launching homewares and children’s clothing, so get ready for a “Plein-tiful” 2022.

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